Magic Happens Late at Night……we find babies

Magic happens late at night. I’m in the process of weaning my bottle baby down to two bottles a day and skipped the midnight feeding two nights ago because it was raining really hard. But since I want him to eat grain, yesterday I skipped the 5 o’clock bottle. Good choice. Thank you Spirit. As I was offering Lovey the bottle, I hear a cry. A tiny new baby cry. What? Here? There should be no baby cries other than Lovey within 100 yards, at least. I walk further along the pen and shine my flashlight and there is this tee tiny white baby laying there, and the new girl Yoki is staring at it. I pull the bottle out of Lovey’s mouth, run to the house and grab the iodine for the navel and my iphone. Getting in the pen was not easy, nor was getting out, as the pups were all up on me and Lovey was trying to escape the pen. The baby had just been born and it was very weak. I tried to stand her up after doing the navel, and splat. It was very obvious that she was in trouble so I grabbed her up, wrapped my shirt around her and fended my way through the pups with my precious cargo.

Just born… 1:44 am


The picture size is deceptive. She is very tiny. I wrapped her in a towel and whipped up a bottle of colostrum. She took it right away. Then I got her dry with the blow dryer. She was still too weak to walk when I finally calmed down enough to go to sleep around 4 am. She ate one more time then we slept. Her name is Cherub and she slept in my bed with me. At 8 am, I woke feeling the bed move and yay, she was still alive. I brought her to the living room and tried to stand her up. Yes! Then she went splat but she got right back up on her own. I gave her one more bit of a bottle after I took her to her mom and she was attentive but not wanting to feed her. We tried to help it along but no go. We left the two to bond alone since I’d let the other Pretties out to graze. Cherub weighs 3 ¾ lbs, which is pretty small, like half of normal, but then again, her mom is only a year old. This has eased my mind regarding Shortcake. So, good thing I decided to remove Lovey’s 5 o’clock bottle instead of the midnight one, or we might not have our little Cherub.

After she was dry and had her first botte

Back with mom in the morning now that she can walk


Because I needed to deal with Cherub today, I chose not to shear. Good thing too, since it was really hot at 8 am! I made the rounds looking for signs, as I’m now thrust into a new kidding season, make that a 2nd kidding season. I’m thinking that one of the other new girls, Yazhi is also pregnant. These babies were NOT who I was referring to in the last post, Babies Having Babies. I did have my suspicions but I asked the lady I got them from if it was possible and she didn’t respond. I took that to mean that I was nuts to ask such a question, and I was wrong. Need to work harder on trusting myself and my instincts. And so I shall. It is my belief, after a closer look, that all three of the other Pretties will be following suit. Things could get pretty hectic here if all the yearlings babies need help.

Happy, Yazhi and Tika, the Pretties…all appear pregnant, all yearlings, just acquired

Upon 5 o’clock check, I could see that the baby still hadn’t found the teats. So, I called Cathy to help me tie Yoki up. We got her tied but she laid down, so I latched her on while laying down. No milk. Hmmm. I milked her myself, yay, I did it, just till I could see the colostrum, then latched her on again. She got colostrum from both teats! Yay!  Hopefully Yoki will figure it out so I don’t have to keep repeating it.

Cherubs first real colostrum from mom, yay, she’s eating!

Pretty Cherub baby

It’s been a thrilling day, and night. My adrenaline is running at a quick pace. So scary and exciting at the same time. I am up to this challenge.  And I am up to hearing and feeling the signs…..Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


2 thoughts on “Magic Happens Late at Night……we find babies

    • Thank you beautiful girl. Very exciting and oh so special. we sheared some hair out of the way so the baby can more easily find the teats. She’s doing good. Isn’t she cute? And truly half the normal size, ha, right up my alley,eh? Deep rest when the babies are all here safe and sound. 🙂

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