Babies having babies…

I’m still on a downer from seeing the state of poor Sugarbee yesterday. This hurts my soul. I made a joke out of it by saying she was blue, but that was because I was at a loss. I have 2 boys that I’ve been battling the mites with for 2 years. To see this baby was heartbreaking. She was fine when I sheared her in October. The heartbreaking part is that there seems to be nothing that works! If this cream doesn’t work, …..I just don’t know. I am way too sensitive a person to handle much more of their suffering.

All cleaned and ready…yes, wide assortment. If only I could stop slicing my thumb when I clean them.

Today, while we sheared Milly, Optimus’s mom, who by the way was a most excellent girl, I heard a yearling pawing at the ground. I was like, who is that? It’s Lila. Baby Lila, getting closer to delivery with every dig at the ground. Cathy says, “She doesn’t even look pregnant Sheri”. Hmmm, well, no, not until she lays down, then you see this.

Yup, Lila looks pregnant.

Lila, wearing her baby fleece…6 months ago.

I’m stressed. As the time gets closer, I get more stressed. I’ve never had to interfere in a birth before, but then again, I’ve never bred one year olds either! I just hate this. Of course I’m excited…more babies. I love babies. But not this way. Not by accident and not so young. I’ve been searching for a buck small enough to breed to my Shortcake, hoping to get smaller goats. She really is extra small, like in that picture the other day, she is the size of a 6 month old. I worry most for her. Ok, worry is a strong word, because I’ve learned that worry puts that thing you’re stressing over into action. Let’s just say that every time my mind goes toward what could go wrong, I shift my thinking to seeing her being a good mommy.

Geiser is still challenging me. Guess I need to twist his ear again. The jealous baby pups come between me and Lovey every time I’m giving the bottle. Literally. Then they will constantly put their paw on me, as to get me to pet them, when my hands are busy and the claws slide down my arm or my leg. I just want to bop them one.

GEISER is the white one. Little Boy on the right. Both are also called Baby Pups, to be distinguished from the 2 Pups, Baby Girl and Bubba.

Lucy goose status…..Still sitting. Geese lay eggs starting around Valentines Day, and keep laying them and walking away until they have enough, then they sit. Sitting means constant pulling of under down feathers and periodic trips to the water, to wet the eggs. My pups ate all her babies. I saved 3 and snuck them in but they found them 6 days later or so. This goes on every year. This year, just as we thought she was giving up, she laid 3 more eggs. Pups got those too. The silly goose has made her nest on my porch, right next to the pups food bowls. Every time she goes to get in the water, they nab the eggs. She is sitting now, but I have no idea if there are any eggs. Oops, just checked, nope, none. It’s almost June, craziness. And Dezi, well Dezi stands guard, yikes. Walk by him and you might get bit. Walk by her, say to reach into the outdoor freezer, 2 ft from her, and you get hissed at. And just as a warning for future reference, when a goose bites, they don’t let go.

Lucy, the goose who sits all summer, last year, she sat on a FORK

Most of my day is done. Dinner is BBQ ribs(in the oven) while I watch American Idol. I’ll do a little needle felting on a colorful scarf I’m making and I will chat with friends on Facebook. That seems to be what my nights are like lately, and don’t forget Lovey’s bedtime bottle at my bedtime, which is around 1 or 2 am. I feel a sense of anticipation. Not sure if that’s because of the babies coming…oh ya, by the way, most goat ranchers would NOT breed for June babies, but then again, neither did I. Damn fence. well, signing off at Curly Locks ranch, but leaving you with a poem from 2005. Hmmm, I wasn’t suicidal then, so I must have been reminiscing. LOL, reminiscing about suicide…..

This Minute

Right this minute
I can’t imagine
A future
A tomorrow
Another today

Right this minute
I wait for death
I wait for life
I wait

Right this minute
The world seems hopeless

Right this minute
I know there’s another
And another
And phew
I’m fine

Sheri Lee


9 thoughts on “Babies having babies…

    • No, these girls were born last spring.They’re so small still. Aramis is the likely culprit and he makes very big kids. Guess that’s my main concern, that and shortcake being extra small, like a mini goat

  1. My friend Elizabeth has a very small buck. His name is Robin. His (very small) mother was not registered, but his father was Nevada from Kai Ranch. He’s a little bitty guy, a yearling now, and sweet as he can be. His horns are a little close set, but I think that’s his biggest fault. He gives a gorgeous fleece. He’s white, and should be able to be registered via inspection. Elizabeth is on Facebook and is in the Colored Angora group. She is in Mansfield, TX.

  2. I had two that were born last spring that have kidded this year, Lyra & Tatiana. I am starting to think the other two may well be pregnant too but not quite sure yet. They are both excellent Mom’s and no birthing problems. Your little goaties are in my thoughts and they too will be fine.

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