What is ART?

Sheared NeidaNida today. Very dense fleece so it took two hours. Finally a not pregnant doe. I forgot to take her picture! Hoping to do her mom tomorrow because she is nursing a baby and has a heavy dense coat as well and it’s hot. It’s been a pretty uneventful day here and I have a case of the sleepies. I never take naps and sleep is impossible without some form of sleep aid. Been hat way since childhood. My normal way is to drink a beer an hour at night until I get sleepy enough to go to bed. That’s all about to change. My doctor wants me to cut the beer down due to the liver and we will substitute valium for the rest of the beer. That should do it. But it will change my routine. Yuk.

When Cathy, my neighbor, came to help shear today, I was telling her about last nights blog. She blew a gasket. She lectured me about art until I agreed with her. I really did. She told me about our other neighbor, Lois. Lois is an older woman who paints the most gorgeous scenes. From horses, to bluebonnets, waterfalls, rivers, and Indians but mostly she does wildflower scenes. Apparently she has been complaining to Cathy that she can’t do art like she wants. She can only paint a scene that she has in front of her. So Cathy tells me of a painting called The Scream. She says it’s a very simple looking thing that sold for a ton of money. Google showed me this fabulous painting and……well, let’s just say I’ve been too hard on myself.

I think I finally get it. See, my whole life, I was a writer, but I always wished I was a painter. Then I ended up painting but said they were no good. It seems that there are painters out there who cannot conceive of an idea and then express it. That’s all I CAN do. As I said last night, I cannot duplicate. Cathy helped me to see that duplicating is one form of art and expressing ideas or emotions is another form of art. Ha! That makes me an artist! I have never been able to see it in that light, therefore I have never seen my art in that light. As I go through my “art”, 🙂 to post some for you, I wonder if I will feel differently about them. Will I like them now? Will I have pride now, or still the familiar,.. not quite shame, but almost.



Blessing Angel

Mama Earth Tsunami

River path

Owl Lady


Well, there’s a few for you to see what I mean. Alas, they still look the same to me. But since this is predominantly a farm blog, here is an angora goat.

Rainbow Goat

Hoping tomorrow goes well with the shearing. Maybe it will go easy and we will do 2? Hmmm, not usually. Hoping the fields get shredded before the babies arrive because the weeds are so high I won’t be able to find them! Well, time for my first sleep aid. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


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