Oh no, A BLUE Goat!

Oh, the woes of goats. The poor things have so much to endure between the parasites; the shearings twice a year; the feet trimming maybe more often; the strong strong meds and being trapped, without freedom of choice in when and where to roam. Up until recently, I had two main problems with my goats. I don’t count the lice, although I should, because so far, nothing has stopped them. But no, my problems were the feet and the dang MITES. The foot problem came about because shearers didn’t always come, or got rained out due to a hurricane, and I was taught that the shearer does the feet. When the hurricane prevented machine shearing, I attempted to do the feet myself. Due to my Muscle Disease, I was not strong enough to squeeze the clippers. Now I am, thanks to carrying all those 50 lb feed sacks, and with the help of a friend, got that under control.

Hopi getting sheared

The mites however, are a different story. I’ve tried everything suggested anywhere. I asked the vet and he said ask Lisa, the gal who helped with the feet, as she is the local goat expert. I’ve tried Lisa’s remedy several times with no success. The day she was here, I told her of a new thing I’d heard and that I had bought the supplies to try it. She blew that idea down saying the cocoa butter might attract fire ants. The remedy was to mix together  Desitin diaper cream, Vitamin A & D ointment and Cocoa Butter and slather it on. In the meantime, the facebook goat group suggests Eprinex, a pour on. So, I tried the Eprinex. Nope, didn’t work. Discovered that today when we sheared first Hopi, and then Sugarbee.

The beginnings of Mite buildup

I had thought Hopi was the serious case, and I have a few more in the Beautifuls pen, but she wasn’t nearly  as bad off as I’d thought. Her coat was unusable, no biggie. It’s their comfort that is a biggie. So, I pour the Eprinex in every spot I can see, feeling horrible because this is strong medicine and she’s an older lady. But it had to be done. Mind you, I’ve already done this, but now I have more access because she is now naked. We finished her in a half hour!!! So we decided to do the yearling we knew had some on her legs. Never in my life have I seen such a thing. It was over her entire body. The coat was hiding it well. For those who don’t know what this Mite does, well, it’s hard to describe. White stuff grows on the skin and builds up and builds up and builds up, to the point that they look like they have swollen legs but it’s just this awful build up. It’s gross. I had to fight tears as I sheared this baby, so I could see. When it was over, I couldn’t even do her feet because she was so weak. I’d already put the Eprinex on her twice. Today would have been her 3rd time, which is the supposed remedy. The case was so sever that I talked about going to the vet and having her put down. In the end, I decided to risk the fire ants and try the new remedy. So my poor little one has white cream all over her entire body.

Poor Little Sugarbee


Later, when I went to feed, it was very evident which of the goats had challenged her after the shear, because they have the cream on their horns and ears, etc. Goats. Jeesh. As I approached the food, the girls were running from the field toward me and I see this Blue goat. A blue goat? Yes, there is such a thing, bu I’m not blessed with any. It was my poor little Sugarbee. Not sure why it now appeared blue. Poor thing, it may work, it may not. I’m a prayin.

My goat is Blue!

And here’s the evidence….Lily was challenging the sick one.

Opti didn’t want me to go today. Sweet boy.

Don’t go Mama!!!!


Which brings us to Lovey, who gets milk all over himself. He lets the nipple go, then screams like he’s starving to death until he gets it back.

Milk Mustache!!! And tiny drops on his face.


Warning…..Blogging can be hazardous to your health. I was working on this and forgot I’d put milk ,water and butter on to boil. It overflowed and put the flame out. Gas just oozing into the room. 🙂 Gotta love it. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch but leaving you with one of my older poems….Blue Paper


Blue Paper

 The sign said ‘handle carefully’

Fragile object is inside

But the world had on their blinders

And they tossed the box aside

It was wrapped in bright blue paper

With some ribbons & a bow

But it didn’t have a nametag

Whose it was, they didn’t know

Some thought it a toy to play with

And they’d disregard the sign

They didn’t see the damage done

And just assumed that it was fine

Others thought the box was pretty

And they’d look at it awhile

If only they’d peeked inside,.. just once

It might have made them smile

For God himself had made the gift

And wrapped it up with pride

He’d intended the box for everyone

But no one looked inside

It was me

Sheri Lee




4 thoughts on “Oh no, A BLUE Goat!

  1. Poor little Blue goat, how is she doing. She looks really thin, perhaps it was just the pictures. If she is you may want to separate her from the others, and keep maybe Lovely in with her for company and give her extra feed to fatten her up, so she can fend off those mites.

      • You may have a point….she will want nothing to do with him. :))) we’ve got good weather for a few days, I will be moving the new girls to the Girl herd. So I will put Gandhi with the Munchkins and that leaves Sugarbee with Lovey. Perfect! Thanks Mea!

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