Rainy day freedom

Rain has enveloped my tiny world the entire day through. Not knowing this, I still got up early to shear and Cathy came over but before we could make it out the door, woosh, an onslaught of rain that has yet to cease. So, no shear today. With only 6 girls left and only one that could be pregnant out of that group, I’m thinking it will be ok. Gotta get the coat off her, just in case she is, so the baby can find the teat. The angora goat never used to have this much fiber on them and feeding wasn’t a problem way back when. But all the breeding to improve the quality of fiber, the length of fiber and the coverage on the goat, has created the need for the does to be either sheared before birthing, or to be ‘crutched’, which means to just shear the back end and around the teats. And since this goat has a useable coat, I will want to shear it when she’s dry. It may be days before she dries out with more rain on the way. Her name is NeidaNida.

Neidanida a few months ago, her coat is huge now

So, what did I do with all that time on my hands? I spun the purse handle yarn. Still spinning the thin ply, so no crocheting tonight. I was able to get the purse itself crocheted last night. I also spent hours trying to get a Translate button here so this blog can be read by my new friends around the world. Between yesterday and today, I’ve been visited by Brazil, Italy and Israel, and of course, the U.S. 🙂

As yet unplyed yarn for purse handle

Since it was raining, I only fed grain to the few who are in small pens with no grass, and of course, Lovey’s 5 o’clock bottle. The rest of the goats tried their best to get me to come their direction but it was no go. Don’t worry, they have acres to eat. Poor lambie that I told you about yesterday, well, he has even less wool today, my bad.

Bottle in the rain

Rubber boots are a must on a farm

Yes, he still wants his bottle when it’s raining

The other lambies have Eaten his wool, to get the food crumbs that landed on him

Since it was such a dull day, I thought I’d show you my fiber stash. Believe me, it ain’t pretty.

My unfinished shower…..nearly to the ceiling with fleece

Fiber pile in the living room

Bathroom corner

And finally, my bedroom. It’s hard to see, but it takes up 1/4 of the room

See anything special in the bedroom pile? Her name is Gypsy. As you can see, I have a bit of excess fleece on my hands. I’m spoiled. I only like to create with baby fleece these days. If you felt it, you’d understand. It’s awesomely soft.

Well, the husband is busy tonight so I’m home alone…haha, at one time my daughter counted the animals and it was 78, but I guarantee that number is short. I will sign off at Curly Locks Ranch with a Walton type rendition of what happens at 1 or 2 am when I go outside to play ball with Bluedog before I go to bed……  Night night girls, night night boys, night night Beautifuls, night night Munchkins, night night Pretties, night night lambies, night night horses, night night cows, night night birds, night night kitties, night night pups, night night Bluedog, night night Mama, Night night Mama.

P.S. Please read my childrens book, listed at the top of my blog, The Wiggles of Crystal Cave. Takes about 30 minutes. Is about beings who live inside the earth.


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