Easy Peasy Day…and the Full Moon story

Today, was a banner shearing day. We could have done 3 girls, but due to the circumstances, we decided against it. The circumstances were…both goats were easy peasy and the coats came off so fast that we thought of it as a gift and didn’t want to look a gift goat in the mouth. 🙂 One goat was done in 30 minutes, our fastest time ever. The Bit** goat, Ella, snuck out on the shearers last fall and wore her coat a whole year. Yikes. We kept the new hair growth so she looks funny. YeeHaw.

Ella, with a ONE yr coat. 1st ever, never again.

Ella and her odd new coat, partially grown curls left in place

Mimi, herd Queen, and Milky

Opti (Optimus) sleeping while we shear

That left me time to spin that fat chunky pink yarn so tonight I get to crochet. The snakes are out today and I’m procrastinating feeding the lambies cuz the one snake for sure, I SAW IT, was near there. Baby Girl has this really high yip when she spots a snake and she’s been doing that on the porch today. Makes me just wanna stay inside. But, it IS 5pm, Bottle Time and I have no choice. Courage is doing the thing that scares you….anyway. Well, I survived! Poor lambie. I try my darndest to throw their food where it won’t land on them but they are faster than my throw sometimes and one of the lambs apparently has had this happen numerous times because they eat his wool, trying to get the food. There is less of him to shear. J Well, dinner is just about ready(Texas ribs, which means no bone) and it is time to mosey out to the RV to watch American Idol. My husband would rather not, just as I would rather not watch his shows…home makeovers and foodie shows. So, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch, ………but first, let me direct you down a few lines, as there is more…….

As promised, here is my Supermoon story. I’ve also decided that since I have people wanting to read what I write, at the end of some of my blogs, I shall include some of what I call, My WRITINGS. Open minds requested.

SUPERMOON 5/5/2012

On 5/5, there was a Supermoon. A super moon means that as orbits happen, this is the closest we will come to the moon. A facebook event asked for people to meditate or pray for 15 minutes at a certain time, where all would be doing it at the same time. I woke that morning, thinking the event time in my neck of the woods was 10:30am, and did my thing. I prayed the light onto every surface on the planet and the universe and to every universe beyond and to any beings who had never experienced the light, and so on. Awhile later, I discovered it was 10:30 PM.. Ha. Let me back up a bit. In 2006, I suddenly didn’t eat. As it progressed into the 2nd week, it became winter solstice. I’d never had experience with any solstice before this, however, I have had one BIG spiritual experience previously. and dare not tell it here. On this Solstice, I went on a journey of the mind, of no choice of mine, for 3 days. I was everything. I was people in history, Mother Earth, God, and I even died for the world. Santa came and rescued me and we flew thru space. He showed me my dead babies and we swung by the moon and Pleiades. It was a miraculous adventure which my husband watched from his chair because it was a holiday. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Yay. I call it my Winter Solstice Experience.

the 2 creatures battling

So, the reason I just told you that is because this supermoon was so similar. Oh ya, the clouds. I forgot to tell you about the clouds in the 2006 experience, they became a lion fighting a dragon….and later there was a council. Animals, and people, awesomely circling over my head as I did what Sprit asked. When Spirit asks, I obey. I think I’m rare that way. I only know of 2 times I ignored it lately and one ended very badly. Very very badly. I ache. Anyway.

So, it’s 10:30pm Supermoon night, and I step outside, feeling awkward because I don’t quite know what to do since I already did it this morning. One of my 1 yr old Pyr pups decides to challenge me. I wonder why, as I push him off. This goes on for awhile as I grow angry against my will, after all, this is meditation pray time. Finally, I’m left with no choice and I twist the dogs ear till he goes down. He stayed down. Next thing, I look up and the clouds are no longer covering the moon, they are creating and becoming animals. Dolphin, wolf, goat, horse, goat, fox, goat, and many others and then 2 baby goats in utero, Kya(another story), and she’s coming back as twins soon to be with me. She forgives me.

Next thing I know, I’m singing like an Indian(pardon), and using the word Dakai a lot, whatever that means. And not out of my mouth, but in my brain, prayers are coming, prayers unknown to me, prayers I would have no need whatsoever to pray. Rushing like a waterfall, until I wondered if there would be no end. That’s when Geiser jumped on me again. By the way, after analyzing and discussing with friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason the dog did that is because I needed to get in my Power. I was feeling awkward. Spirit usually calls me and I obey, this was a planned event and I was unsure. Geiser made me take my power. Then I was able to be a conduit. Yay. And that, my friends, is my Supermoon story 2012.   Sincerely, Sheri Lee      P.S., I posted my little book, The Wiggles of Crystal Cave……on a PAGE here.


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