When the Days are Long

It stormed last night and instead of penning the girls up so they’d be dry for shearing, I chose not to in case of a tornado. So, we catch Dimi and it takes us 2 hours to shear her due to all the sitting and dancing. I got my 2nd wind just before we finished and decided to do the gal who’d been hollering while we sheared Dimi. Usually the hollering means labor, not this time. In fact, I still don’t know if Mahada is pregnant. Hate it when that happens.



5 hours from start, we finished. By that time, all the girls had curled up around us as we sheared in the pouring rain, under the carport(house). Shearing wet goats is a no no but when you’re this behind, you’ll do almost anything.



My friend Susan is also a writer and was inspired by this blog, to create one of her own! We go way back go 1991. We met at Junior College and she became my savior warrior when my THEN husband was on a rampage. He was 5 years of hell, she was my link to sanity. And just to give you the tiniest hint at what that life was like, I’ll tell ya this. When he wasn’t beating me up, he was telling lies. Doozies! Here’s one. He pretended to get a phone call saying that his little daughter had had a pot of boiling water fall on her and she was dead. DEAD. After hours of his grieving drunkenly, he pretended another phone call. This time however, we all heard the eh eh eh of the phone, telling us nobody was on the other end. Yessiree, that was my Bob. When I was pregnant with his child, it was Susan who helped me through labor. It was always Susan. Love you Susan! :)) Check out her blog if you’d like!

Spinning some big fat pink yarn for a purse I’m working on. Gosh, these koolaid dyed curls are so soft and so fun to spin, manipulating the color where you want it.

This is the thin pink yarn that I will ply the fat chunky yarn when I’m done spinning it and it will become the back of the purse. Going to spin in a tiny tad of aqua to make it pop. Here is the front so far.


Well, this is the JOY part of my day. That and writing this blog. Alrighty then, signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


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