A Little History of ME

I thought today I’d give a little back story. An introduction into who I am, and how I got here. For 38 years, I considered myself a broken soul. I didn’t understand why I was here on the planet and I just wanted out. I attempted suicide more times than I can count but here I am. My yet to be husband took pity on me and decided to take care of this broken soul. That was 1998. While in his care and still before the marriage, I was gifted by God/Spirit with a rebirthing of sorts. I was still the same body and mind but everything was different. This hermit started going outside and seeing the flowers, so many yellow ones, oooh, look, let’s count the white ones today. Then I saw the animals. Then I began creating. Clay mostly, back then. I was on a Spiritual journey, searching, finding, growing, learning and even teaching. I’m still on that journey, the 13th year(mystery school).

oil Sheri Lee


The next year or so, I bought 9 girls from Kai Ranch. Mimi, Milly, Mahada, NeidaNida, Hannah and her baby Gracie, Dessa, Hope and Kachina. These have been referred to by me as the Ladies. The original girls are known as the Girls. The rest have been born here with the exception of the 4 new girls I recently traded for a sheep. Oh ya, I also bought a Buck that I chose, Marshall, from Kair ranch. That’s my herd. There’s a bunch of names you don’t know yet, but if you follow long enough you’ll see them.

My Marshall

More on the muscle disease. At childhood, I was in and out of hospitals testing for this horrific pain in my arms and legs. Nothing helped. At one time I had 5% use of my hands and 10% use of my legs. I have evolved to the point where if the pain comes, I acknowledge it and it goes away. I am now carrying 50 lb feed sacks every Saturday, wrangling goats, and I can even squeeze the foot clippers now! Yay and triple yay!!! My new beliefs have led me into the grandest life I could ever imagine and many parts of me have been healed. I had many many miscarriages and sometimes it feels like having the goat babies makes up for that. I do have 2 living children but didn’t raise either one. Each is it’s own long story.

Donna sleeping on Valey Girl, while we sheared

Valey.Girl……Lori, as promised.

Today, this previously wimpy gal wrangled a large doe and sheared the bucking bronco that she became. Hogtied in 3 places, we did get her finished. Couldn’t determine if she was pregnant. Hope not. She’s an Aramis daughter. As I’ve stated previously, I don’t like large goats. I get scared of them and in my wonderful world, why do I need to have anything here, on purpose, that I’m afraid of? Anyone need large goat babies? Lol, cuz he’s the probable dad of most of the free for all day. Storms are on the way and I’m headed out to the RV to watch The Voice, so Andy can watch his car shows. Signing off at the Curly Locks Ranch.


4 thoughts on “A Little History of ME

  1. Oh ya, Another aspect of me is I have a gazillion names. Sheri, Sheri Lee, Mama Willow, Miss Sheri, Rose, Sheri Rose Lee, Rose Hope, Sunshine and Solei. Also,this ranch used to be YeeHaw Ranch but I didn’t want to have to add something about fiber so I changed it to Curly Locks Ranch…haha, and this blog won’t let me change it.

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