Lovey’s Butt Bath

It’s been a big day at Curly Locks Ranch. A milestone has been achieved. My husband, who normally does not contribute or participate with goat things, came inside the house this morning with Lovey, the bottle baby, saying it was time for his butt bath! Not only that, but while I held the baby in the sink, HE DID THE WASHING OF THE BUTT!!! Miracles happen every day! My gratefulness knows no bounds! I wanted so badly to take a picture of the bath to show you, but my hands were full and it was just impossible. Why did I want to show you a picture of a butt bath? Because Lovey was asleep. :)) 

That’s not all. My husband is out in the L pasture (the Munchkins(yearling boys) new home), as we speak, shredding the weeds down. I looked out the kitchen window the other day and I see these horns walking thru the field. Couldn’t see the goats, just their horns as the weeds were so tall. Tried to get a picture, but they saw me and came running. Right now, they are hiding in the pen, till the big monster goes away…the tractor. They were all huddled around a tree when I got there today to feed them and I had to snap a few pictures. They all look so much alike. Last year, we had 7 black babies born. I had to search for the differences to tell them apart. Edo has one white foot, while his near double(from a different mom) has just one tiny bit of white on his foot. That’s how I told those two apart for a year. Now, it’s easy…Junebugs horns go straight out, and he has the tiny white mark. Sendai, who also started out black became my silver boy and I just loved his color. Now, if he was taller, he would be nearly identical to Edo and Junebug. Let’s suffice it to say that I got me some good lookin yearling bucks! Finally! All of that is due to the fine genetics of Marshall, the papa. Thank you Lisa Shell! Image



Today I let the new Pretties out. That is their Pen name now. I kept them in their pen for 2 weeks while they watched the process of the Beautifuls going out to eat and coming when I call. Today was their turn. Even Lovey got to eat greenies. The Pretties did NOT come at my call, but they did come at the sound of food being poured and are all safely tucked back into their house.Image




I’m introducing dried split peas and peanuts to the girls so that the pregnant ones can get extra protein. I was just told that if you up the protein in the last 6 weeks it gives great health to the hair follicles and they have better fiber. I’m certainly game for that! So, I had fun trying to get the girls to eat peanuts. Some apparently already know about peanuts and were pushing the others out of the way. Then I walked with them into the field of flowers that’s supposed to be hay and I took their photos. So pretty in the brown eyed susans.Image

Optimis, too pretty not to addImage


This photo is to show you Shortcake. Freshly sheared, standing next to 2 month old Valey Girl. Shortcake is 2 yrs old.

I’d like to share my Full Moon experience with you but this blog is long enough tonight. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. 


4 thoughts on “Lovey’s Butt Bath

  1. Hey Lori, she sure is! I have a better picture of her and was being frugal by posting this one. Wanted to show how friggin small Shortcake is. But yes, Valey Girl is shaping up alright. She has a very structured face, still has the black tail too, and now the knees. They change constantly. I’ll post the better one tomorrow. :))

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