Something Told Me

I’ve said it to friends many times, Spirit/God/Creator/HigherSelf, whatever you choose to call it, is otherwise known as…Something told me. Nearly nameless, this thing, this Something, warns of danger, points the way, and gives us wisdom. I, personally, owe everything to Something told me. Once, Something told me to sharpen my fingernails into daggers, just a few weeks before I would need them to sink into someone’s skin, to save my life. The week I saw three rainbows, Something told me to grab my camera all three times, rain or no rain. The one drawback to Something told me, is that it is the quietest voice within, and it doesn’t like to repeat itself. Because of this, it is easy to dismiss, this still small voice.

Once, I needed to run to the post office, so I grabbed my new Iphone, purse, inhaler and packages. As I opened the gate to drive out, oh, about 100 ft from the front door, Something told me, to get the video camera. I actually heard it and said to myself, well, I have the Iphone & it’s got a camera in it, as I drove away. How easy would it have been to run that 100 ft and grab the camcorder. I told myself that it was a quiet day, what could happen that I would need a video camera? In other words, once again, I knew more than, Something told me. RIGHT. So, one mile down the road, I see a large bird on the side of the road moving violently. I immediately grabbed the Iphone, got out and approached the bird. I LOVE hawks and owls, and they are both core animals of mine. The Indians would call them totems. I thought they were fighting to the death and was prepared to intervene. So, there I am, 3 ft away from…TWO owls,… mating! He screeches at me to go, and they both stare at me, with these huge heads and eyes. We just stared at each other for a minute, then I realized I didn’t know how to work the Iphone camera. I tried with the camera one more time as I did a slow drive by, met eyes with both again, then she got free and away they flew. I laughed, cried and thanked Creator all the way to the post office and back for the beautiful picture behind my eyes. It was a grand gift, equal to any diamond a man could give. To see these beloved beings within reach, touchable, but not dead, I so give thanks. So, Something told me, but I didn’t obey, which means I can’t play you a video of the encounter. I can only show you ONE picture, that’s all I got.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Recently, Something told me not to go to a fiber festival that I REALLY wanted to go to. I went anyway and my favorite new baby goat, Kya, died. Something told me too look out the window, and I saw a new baby goat just being born. Something told me to check a pregnant mama (at dark, mine rarely have night babies) and I was able to save that baby. Something told me to go find Gandhi when he didn’t come home to eat. Needless to say, he’s still alive.

Today, Cathy and I sheared Dessa. Something told US to shear another goat, even though that particular goat was way out in the pasture. We steered her into the pen, and got her in the stanchion. None of this was easy because this goat, Joy, is a yearling born to my best mommy goat, best mommy as in, literally, best mommy. Because she’s such a good mommy, I never get near her kids because if they cry she comes running, every single time. So, Joy and Junebug are hell to catch and hell to shear. So, not like we were looking forward to shearing her, especially since she was the 2nd goat. But we did. And because we did, we were there when the babies were playing and the littlest one, Milky, went flying into the HUGE water trough. Before 2 seconds could pass, I swooped, grabbed and tossed gently to the ground. Milky spent the rest of the afternoon Boinging thru the fieds, getting dry, I presume. (No, this has never happened before and no, I can’t change the water trough).Image


Something told me to share this with you today.

P.S. I am absolutely exhausted and grateful. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch…


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