A slow paced ordinary day…

Today’s shearing was, well, let’s just say different. This gals coat was so coarse and also some mats that I decided it wasn’t worth keeping. SO, my neighbor Cathy, my trusty helper, and I had fun. It was so liberating! After years of careful cutting, so as not to snip that curl in the wrong spot, and to keep the curls intact, we were able to be free. Free to cut a swath of curls if it was giving us a problem. Free to simply toss the curls on the ground. It was so cool. Better not happen again, mind you, but for one time, it was awesome. She appears to be pregnant as well.

Had my nebulizer picked up for me, but haven’t tried it yet. I hate some new things. Spun a skein of colorful yarn and took pictures today. Here are a few. First, here is the Teeswater fleece I talked about. Next will be the Wensleydale.ImageNow for the WensleydaleImage

The Munchkins, the yearling boys, are not too sure about their new pen. It’s huge and not near any other goats so they hang out at the gate because it’s close to where they used to be. I’m thinkin they even sleep there instead of in the ‘house’. Image

When Lisa Shell was here the other day helping me to trim some very overgrown feet, she said she liked this guy…Edo. Love it when that happens!Image

Couldn’t resist this picture…this is White Owl, in the water near dusk.Image

And Baby Girl, one of the 2 Pyr Pups, the other 2 are called Baby Pups.Image

Here is Lovey taking his bottle this afternoonImage

And this is last years bottle baby who never came in the house…AngelImage

Today was rather uneventful. I’ll take that kind of day. I sat in the Pretties pen for a bit today to get to know the new girls more. They are inching closer to me. Going to try Peanuts as a friend has suggested. Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but hopefully it will include shearing a goat! And hopefully it will be cool in the morning, as it was NOT this morning. I am blessed in every way, every day. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


2 thoughts on “A slow paced ordinary day…

  1. Not knowing anything about sheering and cutting…why is cutting the “curl” in a specific way, so necessary? I would think it would ease into what ever you were weaving…

  2. First of all, I’m not a weaver. Tried it and really Really didn’t like it. Got a brand new, used once Loom to prove it. :)) If I were a weaver though, it would be yarn that I’m weaving, not loose curls.

    I spin my curls. Either that or felts. When you see these gorgeous neck curls 5-6 inches long, you try really hard to cut it as close to the skin as possible, which is difficult on high quality goats due to vertical skin rolls where you need to literally pull the skin roll and roll it in order to cut that curl at the skin. Not sure if I explained it well enough without you seeing it first hand. :))

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