Fences and babies oh my…

We had new 3 inch square goat fencing put in about 2 years ago, all but 2 very important stretches. So, last fall they came to finish it off. The place where the gate meets the post, at all of the gates, allowed goats to squeeze through and one of those babies has already been born, Sweetpea. Took forever to find a fix that worked and it was placing a 20 ft hog panel up across the whole gate and bungee corded to the gate. So, fence guys forget to put the panel up and out go the girls. So, I’m now realizing how many might have been exposed to the boys…boys mind you that I have absolutely no interest in breeding. I’m shearing as fast as I can, once again with lung troubles. Today I ran closed the gate behind me into their shelter and tried steering/chasing them into a small catch area. No go. I did catch Kachina, who I’m fairly certain is pregnant, but I couldn’t get her in the stanchion/stand. I was exhausted and sat down and cried. Finally I gave up and decided to shear a yearling doe that wanted to be on the stanchion, even though it was obvious she wasn’t pregnant. So, my little white Oprah is on the stand and I discover she has fiber so dense that it’s like cutting a mat, on the entire goat. Where you can’t slide the scissors then slice, no, this was tips snipping tiny snippets of fiber RIGHT next to the skin. What I usually call Surgical shearing, but never a whole goat. All goats get mats and poopy butts, so I know how to do it, but Jeesh!

I recently traded a Teeswater ewe that I was frightened of, for 4 yearling does. All white, and one a color carrier. The littlest one, who has a broken leg, turns out to be the bossiest. And I renamed her Happy! Haha. She slammed into tiny Lovey today and later on, one of her little doe friends. Female goats are way more bullyish than bucks. It’s crazy. Gonna have to work on Miss Happy’s manners!  And now that I know that Gandhi CAN father children, I don’t know what to do. If I leave him there, he might get them pregnant. If I move him with the Munchkins, that leaves Lovey without him and at the mercy of girls. Lovey is the bottle baby and I’m his mom. I can’t put him in the main girl pen because no one will care for him. Where they all are now is in a relatively small pen. It’s always something. Sure, I could put the new girls in the pen that Angelica the ewe just vacated but that pen has bad fencing and the Munchkins would just get them pregnant thru that. So, it’s musical goats here and one exhausted mama. 

On the bright side, yes, always need to go to the bright side… The lady whom I bought the ewe from originally felt bad for me not getting a fleece so she sent me one! How sweet is that? And top it off, she added some ready to go wool as well. Sweet lady, Barbara Burrows, in Oklahoma. If you need Teeswater or Wensleydale sheep, she’s the best. Thank you Barbara! Can’t wait to spin it all! I also bought some black Wensleydale wool to try and it is really soft and so much like Mohair that it’s insane! The Teeswater has a firmer lock and pulls apart differently. I will add photos of these wools later.

Tomorrow I plan to shear and then go to town for that darn nebulizer that I haven’t had a chance to get yet. Fingers crossed that the goat I shear has a thin belly!!!!

It’s nearing midnight which means it’s time for Lovey’s bottle, where I will get huge kisses from the pups from both sides as I try to hold the bottle up for Lovey. Looking forward to an easier day tomorrow. Signing off at the Curly Locks Ranch.


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