I live in a magical place. Goats baaa, lambs maaa, but they’re soon going away(the lambs). Cows moo, horses come to the fence for feed and love. Four Pyrenees pups work hard, rarely eat and love me dearly. Lucy the goose with no eggs is starting to try to leave her nest after 3 months of sitting, and Dezi is as protective as ever. The peacocks scream the sound…’help’ all day long. The stalking attack roosters live next door now, yay. My wildcat Zephry kitty went off to die after I healed him of one thing, guess it was his time. I’ve been doing goats for going on 4 years and until the past 2 months I’ve lost 2 animals. The baby lamb from heatstroke and the baby goat Koko, Kitchie’s brother, due to ignorance and too many black babies in the pen. He got seperated and was too weak to live by the morning when I saw him. I tried a bottle but he didn’t make it. Recently, I had one die to worms because I didn’t know I was supposed to triple the COW dosage!!! And 2 babies. I saved one, Lovey, who was a house bottle baby but is now sharing a pen with my gentlest buck, Gandhi, and the 4 new yearling girls I traded for Angelica the other baby lamb that survived the heatstroke. The boy peacock, aka, peacock,Ernie, she is Bert,  chases the white guinea relentlessly but she’s finally fighting back after a year of it. My Blue dog is allergic to fleas, an Aussie and is miserable. The swallows build or reuse their nests and have decided to just stay instead of moving on. The whistler ducks still come but no longer in huge numbers due to the pups. Gypsy the house kitty is acting wierd tonight as are alot of other animals, and tonight she made me let her out of where she’s supposed to be for the night. The peaches and onions and things are growing and the pomagranite (sp) flowers are gorgeous. I’m growing stronger every day and able to do more things that my muscle disease used to prohibit. My daughter is happy and beginning a new chapter as is my son, who is a new upcoming Club DJ. My 55 Chevy truck is still being restored and it’s driving me nuts but the animal box is now painted up and fitted onto a flatbed trailer with a generator, light, water jug, and spring loaded ramp so I can open and close it.  I’ve discovered Koolaid dyes and color is back in my life. I’ve started 2 groups in Facebook…..

http://www.facebook.com/withthesehands for closet artists to display and sell their creations and the other for the sale of Angora Goats at     http://www.facebook.com/groups/Angoragoatssalesandservices

Life is moving at a  very fast pace for me. Until 2 months ago, I was still very shy. Woohoo, look at me now! Like I said, Life is magical for me now. And all we have is NOW.


5 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. You bring the earth and the precarious struggle of the mohair goats to your readers so beautifully. My mother grew up in a rural town of Livingston,Texas and my dad was from Chicago…. war marriage couple, having met at the San Antonio Airforce training base. We drove to Texas every two years to visit family and it taught me to love and respect how hard it is to raise livestock and produce. I have been in the art field too, (taught art a couple of years in high school) but went the direction of garden perennials and landscape design. I love digging in the dirt and the pride of watching things grow. I believe it is a gift the creator gave us, to have us experience his joy of creation…….and then the nurturing of plants took me to nurturing the body through Craniosacral Therapy. Just wanted to share a little of me and why your blog and artwork is special to me. Truly enjoyed your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you Carol. Like minds migrate together and as we are both artists it is no surprise. I’d love to see some of your work. I will be blogging regularly now, so I hope you continue to enjoy. :))

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