Waiting for babies

So, luckily the girls have held off long enough for me to heal from pneumonia. I’m still recovering so spend my days walking back and forth to the window to watch for signs of impending birth.  Signs? Ya, like pawing at the ground and odd movements. I’m only watching one doe right now, Donna, who is a wonderful mother who usually has twins. I’m very blessed that Donna is having babies from my favorite buck, Ghandi.  He’s not just my favorite buck, he’s my favorite goat period.

Here’s the setup.  I have two pens for females, the Ladies pen and the Girls pen. The only difference is that the Ladies are newly bought does.  Then theres the boys (bucks) who live next to the girls but are free to wander. Last but not least is the pen I call, “The Beautifuls”. These boys were bought specifically for their mohair color and were intended to be gelded, in the goat world it’s called, wethered. They are now two years old and are still bucks.  Thank God.  So, last summer I decide to let the Beautifuls out of their pen and let them run with the big boys and have free range of the entire farm. I thought I was being nice.  But as it happened, that decision nearly killed my Ghandi twice.  First he got trapped in a rogue pile of barbed wire for 48 hours before we finally found him. 100 degree heat and he survived. One week later, he was missing again and we found him entangled in a thorny weed. The thorns tangled in his hair and trapped him to the ground where fireants swarmed his little body. They were in his eyes the most and he was blind.  We cut him out and carried him to his old pen and rinsed his eyes. Well, he lived and got his sight back but when I went to shear him, his male parts were strangled with his own hair(all those tangles from the wire and weed). His sacks were completely flat and I doubted his ability to father babies. Ghandi is the finest goat I own and I was determined to give him a chance so I put him with the Girls while I went on vacation and put Marshall, a gorgeous silver buck, with the Ladies.

Based on the dates, I know who fathered who and yeehaw, Ghandi is gonna be a father after all.  He is white and has the best curls and body of all my goats.  I’m thrilled. So, in honor of him being  the father of these twins at least, I shall name the babies as if they were a Beautiful.  The names of the 6 original Beautifuls are: Ghandi, Picasso, Socrates, Einstein, Darwin and DaVinci. I gave them great names to make up for the fact that they were to be wethered.

In the meantime, while I wait, I’ve been knitting a scarf from Einstein and kicking myself the whole time. You see, I was over anxious to work with his fiber and washed it while it was very cold outside.  It didn’t have time to dry so I air dried it in my dryer. Too much heat. I know better. It’s normally fine to do that when the fiber is nearly dry but this was too wet, too cold to get it dry enough which forced me to dry it on the rack in the dryer. I did Darwin too. so, it’s not the greatest fiber now.  It’s not as soft and too fuzzy, but still good enough for me. I will have no problem wearing anything made of either fiber, but probably wont sell anything made from them. I need to work on my patience.

So, it’s time for me to walk back and look out the window now.  At some point I hope to figure out how to post pictures.  Until next time.

Mama Sheri


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