Hello world!

One week til the babies start coming. One week and I’m not ready. I’m sick and have been for two weeks so far. Doosey of a cold. 13 days and counting of fever. I’ve had my mohair beauties for a little over two years now and not til now did I have to hire someone to feed them.

Well, it turns out I have pneumonia.  But the babies are still coming.  Had to move the two boys from last March into the pen I call, The Beautifuls.  It is now overcrowded but the newcomers this week will be safer for it. My husband helped me catch them and one at a time, laid them in my lap in the car and drove them over. Success! The first babies are due Tuesday and the rest will sprinkle over the next 3 months. I did the breeding this time the way the ‘big ranches’ do.  Never again.  I like knowing exactly when they will be born. My way, I did. So, the weather is good. I’m hanging by the seat of my pants this season, but by George, we’ll getter done.

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