unUsed Thoughts…..

Did you guys know that if you have a thought….a creation thought….it goes into the universe if you don’t pursue it. It goes out and floats like a bubble around imaginative creative people and waits to be popped. It’s happened to me several times…but right now, I’m thinking of the large rubber coated twisty ties. A few years back, I needed something like that. I searched the internet and the hardware stores….to no avail. I was gonna make some. I didn’t. It went out and someone else caught that bubble and did it. And then others followed. The reason it’s even on my mind is cuz as I mentioned, I’m looking for a holder to hold my iphone while I livestream. It occurred to me tonight…well, I’d already thought of using the rubber twisties, but tonight, I thought of joining the twisties…and wala….a spider holder…possibly cheaper than the original. Hehe……back in the 80’s, I wanted to do…Mama’s Poundcake Cupcakes….which came to me in a dream, wrapper design and all. See….I was Mama even then. Sara Lee did it cuz I didn’t. Hehe, as a real bad excuse, my family poo poo’d the idea.

At one point tonight…I threw my baby deer aside. To try again another day…when whim captured me. But in the end….I did work on it. I was cold. I needed something for my lap, so I grabbed it. While looking at it on my lap, of course I saw many flaws. It still doesn’t look like a young baby but it’s certainly a decent young deer. Uggh….irks me to no end that I can’t get it right. Summer did. Of course, hers is all baby. Uggh. I gotta reconcile myself to that. I can and I will. It’s not the easiest thing though. She told me tonight that she used to watch her friend Laurelsong paint. This woman was a phenomenal painter and artist and human. She painted lots of animals. No wonder Summer is so good….she’s seen it in action with oils!!! Bless you Laurelsong, and thank you for any light from heaven.

I need to go small. That’s the ticket maybe…while not stopping the large. Small sometimes takes as long as large…haha…that’s one issue…plus….what the f Sheri. You have done small your whole life. Tiny. Tiny mushrooms with an elf laying on top as a small child, along with a vessel…basket in look but made from mud. Tiny babies made from polymer clay and regular clay but never fired and thrown away. Tiny Thanksgiving plates for the troops …..which I never heard if they got or not. Tiny food. Maybe I should go tiny. I dunno. Just talking out loud late at night. It is after 3 after all. I was up till after 6 last night, with the birth. Whhhhhhhhooooooeeeeewwww. Damn. That coulda been bad had I not gone to do bottle at that hour. Thank YOU GOD. And thank you Sheri for listening…..!!! Ok…night nighters folks. 3:14am = 8 = infinity!!! 3:14…isn’t that a bible verse? Hmmmm….press on for theh proze which God has set aside. Yum. Love you Father. Love you guys. Night.

When I wormed the bigboys the other day….apparently all the whipping of my wrists when I grab the huge horns…then they twist to get away…well, that’s hell on tendonitis of the wrists. It took days for the injury to announce itself, so I have one wrist wrapped. They should both be wrapped but that’s just too much. So…I’m limited in what I can do. Or should do. I probably shouldn’t be painting and so we did very little last night, but I did work some on the fawn. It’s a good lookin young deer, just not sure it looks like a fawn. I dunno. Pirouette is still under the tree. She was spotted by Cathy this morning….making a mad dash to the pond. I took her some water and wormed her. Yay. Done. Little cuties are doing well. Small ones. I bet tomorrow she takes them out walkin. Such a smart and good mom. Very good purchase!!!

All the babies are eating greenies now. Bigtime. I love seeing a baby with a big weed hanging out of their mouth…..lets me know they’re filling their bellies. I’m fixing to go hang out with them for awhile. Can’t do much else with these wrists but I can do that!!! Ha. Fun times. Flutterbug was sunning herself with some other babies and didn’t get up for bottle. She knew it was there too!!!! Gave water to Pirouette, then fed. Not enough feed in the bin so I snatched some from another spot and gave her her food then poured piles across the pasture fo the others who were still hungry. It’s not easy getting feed to the L anymore. What with the babies romping everywhere. Don’t wanna run anyone over. Kinda takes at least 2 people….so I just filled a bucket and took it over. These two new babies…what is so different about their faces??? I dunno….but I can’t stop taking photos of their faces. They captivate me. One closeup revealed a huge eye. I blew it up even bigger…man there’s a whole world in there! No….I’m not posting the blown up one…blurry to go that close. Ha…I’m hearing baby goats cry…no Sheri….it’s on tv, not the pasture.

Summer ran to Austin for her organic food and brought Jesse home first…to help me not have to do it. Sweet girl. I’m watching Larger than Life….about the guy who inherits an elephant. It is so speaking to me. During my recent DMT experiment….I saw many many elephants behind my eyes. I would never have guessed an elephant totem, but there were so many. One especially who stood out. Beautiful girl. Thinkin I’ll be doing an elephant soon. Ya…I’m stalling on Summers totem painting…but that’s cuz good grief…12 totems???? A little overwhelming. I know, I know…one totem at a time, but still!!! Think I’ll have a limit. Say…5. Oh….and that’s not counting the totem type things that are not animals!!! Like the plant spirits, there are 3. Maybe I’ll wait till after she leaves, when I have the big foam again. Ya…I’m a sweet Mama and letting her use the good one. She let me use the big one last night and discovered how icky the small one is. Ha….months and months I used that…not knowing how bad it was till I got the better stuff. Then I found the even better stuff but we’re still working on getting it in large pieces. Wow. Time flies. Gots to go!!! See ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















……oooooh….a color for my paintings!!!!!

While it’s still fresh on my brain….here’s what happened. I went out 3 extra times to check on Pirouette…had a feeling. At the 2am bottle…we had decided to stop painting for the night and I went to give bottle. Summer was a straggler. When she came out…I said…hmmm. Could be…..she just poo’d then pushed. I went in the house to get warmer clothes on and get a beer. It quickly became apparent to me that there was a problem, but Summer was in the….awwwe, natural childbirth bliss stage. Quit cussing around her Mama. Summer……Damnit is the appropriate word right now!!!. I knew it. So….I went to get the 2 100 ft electrical cords and stretch them out to the alley. I also took a bag of peanuts. My plan was to lull them all to the pen with peanuts….and if the herd moved….maybe she would move. Lotta work! Heavy kind. Pulling, dragging. 200 ft! I was seconds from hooking the light up when Summer yelled that her water broke. Ok. So…no lights. She had a miners lamp on her head and I had a flashlight. I hurried there and………it’s a knowing thing I guess. I’m telling ya….I want my MIDWIFE CREDENTIALS!!!!! She laid down and pushed more…still nothing. Then the bag came out…with nothing in it but fluid. Oh crap! Just like Georgia!!!! So…I gloved up and she let me go in…..She knew! She knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. In I went and yup. Found the head right off….had to go fishing for the feet. Found one. Found another. Pulled and shifted till they were in the canal. Then one went back in. Got the one out…went back for the other. Then the head too. Then I pulled. Tiny thing!!! Knew it as I pulled it! Gaia!!!! Red! Yay! Tossed her to her mom and watched again.

Within 5 minutes, she was pushing again. Hmmm. They usually just come right out! Glove number 3 went on….and a shift and a wiggle and out slid the 2nd tiny baby! At first we thought she too was dark red. But I don’t know now. Dark. Not black. But dark. Light around the eyes of both…and lips. So curious!!! Such a good mommy. I mean really….a really good mommy. An exceptional one, I’d say. Like my Donna…I told you…she’s so like my Donna. Y’all probably saw her long ago in my photos. Anyway……awesome. Summer got to witness the sacredness of birth….even while I drank beer and smoked cigarettes and cussed…and saved 3 lives. Ya. That’s how we roll here. I so wanted new life right now….after the death. Well….Gaia and Luna…..welcome to Earth babies!!!! It’s hard to wind down when you have a birth at 3am!!! Hehe…a multiple birth. Summer asked if there could ba any more babies. Well….here was my answer. She is passing the placenta now. It’s a long string with bobbles sometimes…hanging down after they give birth. I have never had a baby come after that happens. So….we left them to themselves. Oh ya….during the beginning and middle…..babies were coming to us….therefore near her. Not great. Ha…then when I went to their pens to fix the lights….and Summer yelled the water had broken…well, when I was running back….the herd was coming to me…as planned….but without Pirouette. So, they follow me…all the way to her….thinking I have a treat. Summer and I had to make a barricade with our bodies. Hehe. Not the ideal birth. Kept telling Summer that…need to move them to the pens. Need to move them before she goes further. OH well….it worked out and we have 2 new beautiful girls. I checked at least twice…still does. Ok. Night night from YeeHaw Ranch on the last kidding night. All done and proud. I helped birth many and they are healthy and blooming. Night night. 4:59am = 9 = endings. Heheheheheheeeeee.

I’m tired. I’m sure getting my exercise taking water and sugar water to Pirouette…lol, don’t let me fool ya…I’m also in it for the babies!!! Heheee..Love to look at them. The last of the tinys. I’m absorbing all the goodness I can get. She was crying and I decided she was thirsty, so I got some molasses water and she drank it up! She’s under the same tree she gave birth under with no access to water, so….I’m carting it out to her. Also brought her food to her. Summer had her camera so I may get some rare photos of me with the goats. Also…Cathy woke up to a baby mule…they’ve only been trying for 5 years. Named her Miracle. There was a snake in Lucy’s nest but I think he couldn’t fit the eggs in his mouth cuz when Cathy’s hubby arrived…it was gone and she was back on the nest. Yay Lucy babies!!!

So….Summer had just finished her fawn last night and had put away her stuff so I could wind down…when we went to do bottle. I am far from finishing mine. Hers is adorable, of course. Mine is getting there. Summers new system on my bed is working wonderfully. Hehe…back to the babies. Sorry. I tried to get Pirouette to bring the babies to the pens, at feeding time. I called her and even woke one up…but no. She wouldn’t leave. Last night, the herd moved, and she cried. She doesn’t like to be alone over there. Such a sweetheart. Her teats are very long and sideways so the babies are still having a very hard time getting them…but they are getting them. That’s what matters. Nice big stretches upon waking. That’s what we want. Decided to wait one more day to worm Pirouette. Let the babies get their colostrum first…before I go putting chemicals in their milk. Gosh….big day here. Long day here. So glad I’m a night owl and needed to give a bottle at 2am….so I could help with this birth!!!! Scary. Oh ya…..Eggie hasn’t gone inside the fairy house…but she is sleeping on top. Awwwe. A touch of home. Ok…well, it’s time to say Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Sleepiness. PS…forgot to tell ya…the color of Luna…is….scrumptious. A shade of brown I’ve never had….maybe a mocha and will be awesome for my paintings. I literally bought Pirouette….for the paintings….so these babies are NOT FOR SALE. Many will be. Stay tuned.















sorrow….uplifted by Blessings

I hate it when I’m so busy that my blogs aren’t writing…but simply telling updates. Simply telling you what’s going on. Oh well. Everyone looks good today. Even thought maybe Pirouette would go today…was hoping….still am. Wanna name the baby Gaia. It’s Earth Day!!! The storms never materialized last night, thank goodness. Poor Eggie….scared in her new home. I did some more research and I do believe I have identified her correctly. She’s small. Really small. My Flutterby. While doing research, it occurred to me what would make her feel more secure out there. So….Cathy and I went a huntin in the woods. Looking for an appropriate home…that was tiny enough for a fairy…..but big enough to move around in….and small enough to go through the cage door. Found one!!! Spent an hour or so with my dremmel tool…making it even more perfect for her. Hehe…wish I didn’t have to be so clandestine about it. Wish I could just show you photos!!! Nope. I dare not. But….I’m thinking this is as close to home as I can provide. I was so concerned for her last night, I considered letting the experts finish her care. But now that I have the fairy house for her….I think she’ll like that. I’ll let ya know.

Ok. I could be wrong….but I’m thinking I didn’t tell y’all about Shear Madness last week. I might have and if I did…oops. But here’s the deal. It did NOT make it to season 2. She said the ratings were great…it wasn’t that. She alludes that possibly one day she’ll tell the real scoop, but not now. She says she has other people wanting do do a show with her, so don’t panic!!! I dunno. I was and am pretty upset about it. To me…..when I see all the hype the Yukon Vet is getting….buddying her up with Dr Pol……talk shows……..extra commercials…..extra ads…..ya. It ticks me off right good. They didn’t give Natalie’s show nearly that much coverage and arrrrgh. So….it’s done. People are still interested though. Remember the fan page that Natalie asked me to unpublish until season2??? I did unpublish it….but somehow…they are still finding it!!! Amazing…and Natalie…wish you would understand that the time is now….take advantage of the Shear Madness umffff and ride that wave!!! All the way to your next show!!! That remains my wish however, cuz it’s not like we’re best friends and I can just say that!!! She’s really sweet though guys. She heard about my goat crisis and offered to expedite some certain meds to me that are hard to get. That’s heart.

I want to tell you about my daughter. Or at least a tiny portion of her. She has this ability. She even considered a career doing it…but couldn’t figure out how to market her skill. Here it is. She can walk into your house…no matter the mess…and reorg it for you….to make it more useable for your needs. Not just that. She then goes through the house and moves things. She sets up the sweetest altars…nothing harmful…just pretty and spiritual items grouped together. She thinks about it first. She scopes the house…her mind is working working. Might be days before she’s ready, but man….the result is awesome and uplifting. That’s my girl. She has worked wonders here. My fiber is now in bins…on my bed. Ya…it’s still on the bed…where I need it!!! But all organized. My specials, my color locks, color wool, alpaca, rovings, foams….all organized and take up the other half of my bed like before, but with pizazz!!! And ease! Ease of finding what is needed. Didn’t find the dang silk sliver though. Was really wanting to have some again. Don’t wanna order any unless I’m positive it’s the short short staple silk. Anyone know of any true SLIVER available in white silk??? Also….we think we may have located the good foam…..at the original use factory. In other words….not the needlefelting store!!! Going to order a piece to see if it’s the right stuff and if it is…yay o yay…bigger pieces…and will even be able to have large ones…and can cut it to size. Oh I hope it is…I hope it is!!!

We are doing a baby fawn now. It’s a closeup of the head in the grass. Hard one….but my daughter breezed right through it like it was water. We’re not done yet though. I started a panda the other day but haven’t finished it. I do that. Haven’t worked on the horse again either. I will. At the right moment! Whenever that might be.

The babies are all so healthy and heavy!!! Getting strong and growing up. Heavy on my back…sharp hooves now too…..ya…getting too painful for Mama to be a rock much longer. Flutterbug is taking every drop of the bottle these days….and ha….I saw Heaven running from Zeus today! Hehe…he musta wanted milk when she didn’t wanna give it! Flutterbugs belly goes wide after the bottle but she then looks like a regular goatie later. And no diarrhea!!! Musta just been Lovey…I thought it was the powdered milk replacer causing it. Well…just remembered the girls need more water and it’s nearly dinnertime…so. Ya….until next time folks. I’m feeling better. Nobody looks sick and I’m breathing easier. Hurry up Pirouette so I can give you your wormer!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!












,,,when the dust settles

I was having a conversation tonight when I said…I wear the things I make…hoping to get a ….oh how beautiful…did you make that? How many of you do that? I doubt I’m alone in this. You make something. You want others to see. You want to show it off….you are proud. Proud. See. That’s where I glitch up. One minute I’m proud and think it’s ok…and the next…I’m dooming myself to the realm of untalentedom. One minute I’m feeling good and the next I’m saying…you stupid bitch! You are so damn stupid….the stupidest on the planet. The other part of me hears this and cringes…but can do nothing to stop the diatribe. See…whoa….I’m smart….I know big words!!! Whatdya know. Anyway…back to the discussion. I wear my stuff….I walk into a store on my Saturday errand runs…and I walk in boldly…as if I have a neon sign flashing above me saying….hey…handmade….hand spun…for real, truly home spun……designed and created by me…ME!!!!! Please say you want me to make you one??????!!!!!!! Ya. Such is the life of a fiber person….I think. Tell me if I’m wrong and I’m the only one. I can handle it. I can handle anything.

Apparently God thinks so. He keeps throwing stuff at me. Let me tell ya folks….When ya decide to do open air burials…as in…let the wildlife prosper……..well….that doesn’t work so well when you have multiple deaths in 2 days. No sirreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Jesse carried Edo off to his resting place by the claypit wall…….but I….and my Summer girl carried Kitchie. I saw too much. I’m trying to tell Blue dog…saying you don’t even realize whats happening. Three goats are dead. Kitchie, Darwin and Edo are all dead. They’re dead. They’re dead. They’re dead. You see…you people only have to hear my words. You don’t have to watch the death…the dying. The cries. The suffering. The EYES. THE EYES. You don’t have to then drag that blessed baby by the horns and pull him out of his pen…onto a tarp…tie him up and drive away…into the country…..into the woods…to untie him…..or her….and pull them off the tarp…and leave them there. Your babies. Your BABIES!!!!! Digging is useless though. In the end…it ends up the same.

The deaths have just begun to hit me. I powered on….and now during the lull….I’m realizing. I’m grieving. 3. 3. 3. 3 boys. 3 babies. Darwin…the smiling Beautiful who was so timid, curious but always to the back…but had the most brilliant silver/brown/gray/blonde curls. My Darwin, so bit up by mites for 5 years…finally supposedly cured…but not. No cure….maintenance required. My Darwin…whose beautiful coat I was finally to get….finally. No. I did harvest a few neck curls however. Edo…..one of three lookalikes…he and his twin were born up against a fence. The first baby went through the fencehole so I ran around the other side of the pen and fed the baby back through the fence hole….only to do the same a moment later with the twin…..he was also the goat that Lisa Shell said…he could be Nanji’s twin!!! Nanji is the buck of 30 years experience culmination, her pride and joy…now granted they weren’t exact…Nanji was way more quality but still…Edo was my quality goat. I was about to sell him for $200 because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of paperwork. He was not a friendly goat, but he was my highest quality goat. And Kitchie. Sweet sweet Kitchie. The only black baby to remain black, born here. Loved Mama. Loved his Mama. Mama loved her Kitchie too. Just because I move them to the buck pasture…doesn’t mean I stop loving them. They all are most respectful of me. Even in all this death and worming…with just me and Summer……they were on good behavior. Not happy….but didn’t hurt us or even act like they might. I love my boys. So gentle all….well…almost all. There’s big Wyatt…..not the pinto…but he’s a bully. Anyway……that’s my boys. All in heaven and Summer told a story to me tonight about a bunny….and towards the end…the bunny went to YeeHaw Ranch to heal the animals and she even had the 3 departed babies on the visit. They wanted to say thankyou to Mama. And to let her know they were all together and happy. I guess it’s late and I should be heading this off. Bear with me…while this happens and while I deal with it, in the best way I can. That’s after all….all I can do. Night night sweet ones. Thank you for your prayers. 3:44am = 11 = master number!!!

I’ve been leery of waking up. What will I find? Anyone down? Today, the answer is NO!!! Yay! Ok….been working all day and no time to blog. So….here’s the nutshell. Everybody is good…no sick goats. My Eggie has been moved to the big cage outside…and she is scared. Also…just found its supposed to storm tonight. Jeeze. But it was time…she was unhappy in the box as of last night. I hope she settles and I hope to one day show her to you. We spent the day tackling my bed…and the fiber….and washing my sheets and blankets. It’s a wowza mess but Summer knows where everything is…lol. Still in process…cuz it was a BIG job. Hopefully it’ll make things easier…lol, at some point. I know me…I’ll be reaching and it’s not there. Ok….thats it….outta time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. I haven’t even told you about Shear Madness. Tomorrow maybe.Later gator.














everything will be OK…

Lifes surprises are just that. Lifes surprises. Good ones, bad ones, horrible ones, sweet ones, beloved ones. The bittersweet. I’ve recently been introduced to ceremonial cocao. Taken alone….the bitter is wretched…but if combined with sweet, they sing each others praises. Life reminds me of that. The bitter……overshadowed by the sweet. Last night, I had a very special moment. 2am or thereabouts, it’s bottle time. I’m looking at Flutterbug take the bottle…way out there in the pasture….and next thing I know…I see babies…babies inching toward me in the dark, from every direction. Babies normally with their moms…are coming to see me. To smell me, check me out. Inquisitive beings. All of them. Every baby was within inches of me….surrounding me. That….while the process of death was happening a couple hundred yards away. The bitter and the sweet.

My son is here to help carry the death away. At the same time….we’ve been gifted with about 8 ready to hatch goose eggs. A pen has been made around Lucy and she will finally finally finally be a mama. Long road this has been. I used gloves and placed the eggs in her nest…beside the mud dawber wasp rock she had been sitting on. She had gone for a quick swim…after watching hubby mow around her nest and put up the fencing. She saw the eggs….rolled them and sat…nope…not right…roll them more…sit. Ahhhh. Yes. Lucy is happy.

Jesse is outside setting up a butterfly cage. I know, I know…but until she’s healed….it’ll do. Better than the box. And yes…Eggie is still alive! Pretty miraculous. Isa kitty accidentally gell through the top….and neither one freaked out…all was fine and I scooped her out. The only time I hear movement in the box…is when I stop talking to her and put the cover back on. I think she likes hanging out with the humans….how is she gonna react to living outside…without me? Ok…cage all assembled and now it’s just a matter of Mama relinquishing the nearness. Not today. Nope, not today.

Oh gee….it occurs to me that I haven’t blogged about what has happened. Cathy and I sheared Edo the other day. He didn’t wanna stand, but we’ve had that happen before. Within a few hours….several were down and not getting up. Also, the yearling, Khalifa…that I sheared this week…now has fluid buildup. And top it off….Billy is now reacting to being wormed. 2 are dead, one is dying and at least 2 are having issues. WORMS. Barberpole to be exact. Someone asked me what the symptoms were. Well…here, it’s usually death. Then others start dropping. They can have a fluid sack at the breast where it meets the legs. If they have a full coat on…you won’t see it. They don’t all get the fluid though. Neither Edo or Darwin did. Needless to say…it’s been panicsville here. I’ve cried a lot and I’m heartbroken but the saving grace is that none of the girls or babies are affected. Thank the heavens for that. And yes…if I had wormed them last week…this might not be happening. Should have done them immediately after the girls…but I didn’t know. Didn’t know. Shoulda woulda coulda. I’ve been painting Healing Flowers this weekend. They are blue. Came outta the blue and they are blue. 2 so far. Nearly finished with horse….thought I was, but hahaha….posted it and saw all the flaws.

I received the most awesome package of brown fibers from Mea. WOW!!! She sent me a bunch of the color I needed, Buffy…then some Buffy baby….and some buffalo and some wools and alpaca…browns!!! Yay oh yay!!! Now I gotta get to Lisas for some bright colors. Just about outta greens, blues and purples….shoot, and reds, oranges and yellows! Hehehe. For those who don’t know…Lisa Shell, with Kai Mohair…sells colored locks. Many many colors. It will wait though.

Well….pretty much have goats on the brain so I guess I’ll end this. Thought we’d be outta the woods today but no. Maybe Billy is just having a hard time with the chemicals. But he usually doesn’t. I’ll give him more tomorrow if he’s still acting off. Been working on lots of paintings, well, it seems that way anyway. Summer and I are having such a good time and I’m blessed she is here. She doesn’t wanna leave….but she has the beginnings of a life happening in California so she thinks she’ll go back. Work, place to live, area she likes….ya. She should go back. I will miss her. Sounds like it’s gonna be sooner than I like though. Oh well…lotsa cryin goin on here. One of my local friends, Joyce…sent me some money to help medicine costs. That was so sweet. Had to give her a shoutout and say…thank you my dear!!! Joyce makes the felted critters and flowers. Ok….well…here’s to a healthy herd again. Pirouette still not yet, but due date is 23rd. OK…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps………I’m not letting myself to there. Yes….sometimes these things wipe out a whole herd, but I refuse it!!! It will be ok. PSS…Kitchie has crossed the rainbow bridge. And Billy is eating.

















Rainbow trippin….yup

Well….turns out….horse….is just as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe I doomed myself with my thoughts. Ya…I did. It’s coming along, but I haven’t put any darks in yet. I realized right quick that based on the background, I needed to go really small. Yuk. Then, I found myself working the base to death. Very different way to begin a painting…that’s for sure. Summer chose to go a bit bigger. Hehe. Stubborn girl. And she’s doing a fine job at that. We’ve worked on this for hours…and Jesse came and we jammed to music…some of Summers choice…and some of jesse’s making. Someone said I looked really happy in my braids…that’s cuz I actually felt pretty. I like the braids. She says she does it to herself…hmmm…not sure my arms can handle it…remember trying in olden days. Oh my golly…guess what. Little to most…huge to me. It came time for the late night bottle. I told Jesse it was a dream of mine that since I taught both my children how to make a bottle….that they would surprise me once…and without saying a word…making and giving the bottle. What do ya know….it spurred something and Jesse made the bottle and Summer fed the bottle. HA!!!!! I didn’t have to do the late night bottle!!!! WOW WOW WOW. First time. Felt so good. Wow. Yes, I miss the baby…but it still feels good.

Ye know…I don’t talk about em much…but I’ve got some really cool cats. Smooch. Smooch is fairly laid back and likes to curl up in the teeniest tiny ball….to my right….on my bed. She picks the tiniest of spaces to place herself, then goes as small as she can go. She’s a good girl and I trust her. Sneezy….loves to be petted on the head and to lay with mama, but I don’t trust him not to potty where he’s not supposed to. Same with Isa…cept, Isa rarely comes to lay with me. But I don’t trust her. I love her though. Pele…gosh…needy out the wazoo. Paws and claws in your face to say I love you. How far up your body can I get….to show you how much I love you??? Gucchi…..lives outside mostly now but follows and usually on the way back to the house….she will weave in front of Blue…which means he can’t walk right. Liberty…the outside kitty…who now hangs out with the goats…and of course…..my Pretty Kitty…….GYPSY. The first…of these kittys. Others before but deceased. So…Gypsy is the key and first kitty…who now feels like we don’t want her and we want all these other cats. Poor dear. Love my Gyps. Ok….it’s late. 3:26am= 11 = Master Number!!! Night night.

Wow…interesting day. Cathy came over but once again we couldn’t shear. It was misting. Wet fleeces and shearing do NOT mix. The last one…a pinto fleece…was left outside to dry, seemingly out of pup reach…hmmm…nope. One pinto fleece trashed. So…instead…I did what all spiritual and intelligent 52 year old women do with a free day. I did DMT. Heheheheheeee. Yes, it’s a drug. The kind that your body releases to send you into deep REM sleep. It was gifted to me several weeks ago but I wanted to try it while Summer was here so she could watch over me. She’s had lots of experience with the plant medicines…but not the extracted by man kind. I recorded it…I mean how often does an elder lady do such things? You know how I love the groupings of the number 4? I say it’s the angels….well….my video is 44:44 long! They said it would last 5-10 minutes. It wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I had any kind of mind thing….before that…it was all body sensation. I didn’t get a big enough dose to ”break through” as they call it…where you go to another dimension. I did see many faces, animals and rainbows. Like a road. A rainbow road, that was all hills and dips. When my daughter suggested I see whats down the road…I discovered it was connected and became like a rollercoaster….or a ball of yarn…but all connected. Also….when I was seeing the animals….I realized that I could see one….and be seeing another because they were the same….one in front of another like an accordion….but all one…all the same…but which card do you have up front? Like…if you’re looking at a cat….the card you have in front…says you’re looking at and experiencing a cat. But if your mind then says nope…it’s an octopus….then wala…you perceive an octopus. Perception baby…perception. It was interesting. I still feel the effects a tiny bit in my body but nothing horrible. Mostly a heaviness about the head. Ya….I’d like to try it again with a larger dose…to see if I can do it right. The dose available was questionable…sizewise. So…..how odd was that? Well…it can get odder. I’ve also been gifted with some shrooms. One day soon maybe.

Hey Mea!!!! Guess what came in the mail today???? Yup a big old package. Can’t open it yet….waiting till Summer and I are both available to oooh and ahhhh and giggle sufficiently….i mean, it’s a package of fiber! Isn’t that what all people do when they receive a box of fiber in the mail? Squeal with delight and turn it into a party??? Ya….I thought so. Oh ya….hehe…I put the roast in the oven at 3…right before we began….at 5 when I went to do give bottle…I see that I forgot to turn the oven ON!!! Ya. I did that. And ya…..I just did DMT. LOL. While wearing braids!!! Horse. We will finish up horse tonight I hope. Rains are expected. Oh…but all these luscious brown colors still hiding in the box. Hurry up Summer…I wanna see inside the box!!! Ok…well…..guess I’ll let ya know tomorrow what goodies I find inside. Ha……continuing on with this day…into evening. Ha! LOL. Oh ya….Namaste Farms Blogtalk……Star of Shear Madness…the sheep one. Not the hair one. Tonight…9/8c. Join in as Martin Dally shares his knowledge of luscious fibers. Ok…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














braided with prayer…..

Ahhhh. What a night. I was stuck. Didn’t know what to paint. Told Summer we would do Bear together since she was struggling with her bear…like the one I did on tshirt. BUT…bear wasn’t on the agenda. Tried fox. Nope. Lynx. Nope. Bunny, deer, baby birds….nope. IN the end…she worked on her bear and I sketched out a totem painting for Summer. A tryout of what I said I wanted to do. Beautiful. I love it and so does she. A few twitches and flibbits there and I think it’ll work the way we both now envision. Wow. See…movement. I knew she would bring movement. She always does. My little hummingbird. In the end…her drawing has…11 animals and…3 plant species. Ya…the girl has a lot of totems. So do I. Speaking of that. The painting I showed on FB last night as my new logo…sorry…forgot to post it here……is not right. It is a jumble of …me and not me. It needs redone. Wolf is not enough of a totem for me…and the bird looks more like an eagle…where mine is hawk. Other than that…it’s me. It was an experiment…therefore the yarn. Oh boy is it late…..4:37am = 5 = change…well, ya!!!! Night night sweet ones. Oh ya…Mea has predicted Pirouette’s birthing on Friday. A week early according to Angela’s timechart. Mea is good at sensing things so we shall see. Night.

Today we have beautiful weather with a good bit of wind. We don’t shear in the wind…and it’s also a non Cathy day, so…no shearing. This morning, my daughter braided my hair. Not just the braids…but some of her handspun yarn made from one of my goaties…..that she had held during ceremony so it’s been heavily prayed over, and it is now in my hair!!! Even the goaties were curious. I went out for a photo session and had a blast…but NOT as big a blast as yesterday. Not sure why I didn’t tell ya then…full blog, I guess. Anyways….I was out visiting and they were down by the pond. The babies were all up on the steep side of the pond where they were playing and learning to balance. They tried the hardest twists and jumps…while on that extreme angle. It was a massive grouping doing it, so they were falling all over each other. Lots of wipeouts. So dang cute. I did nothing but giggle!!! And Giggle loudly!!! Then I noticed Smurf and Sochi….at first I thought they were playing. Romping up and down the pond side…head butting, jump on mom…head butt….jump on mom. Then I thought oh crap…is he trying to feed and she’s trying to wean him and is he gonna get a broke leg like Khalifa? I kept watching. Nope. No!!! She was well and truly playing with her son and teaching him. Wow. Awesome. As I was leaving, Summer and I passed each other and I told her she was in for a rare treat. She was. Her bit of fun included some of the same…but mostly babies racing round and round the pond. It’s scary but exciting. So far…none have landed in it. …but they go so fast!!!!! They are growing so fast!!! Little horn buds popping up everywhere and tiny bits of mohair growing. Mostly still just babycoat.

Right now, Summer is cleaning my room. I asked her for help with the overwhelmingness…and she has been doing just that since she got here. So my room is in chaos…lol, even more so. Then, tonights plan is to paint a horse, as practice for the unicorn on Summer’s totem painting. I haven’t done horse yet. It’s difficult in my mind and have avoided it…telling myself I’m waiting for the right photo. Well…this photo was found based on the totem sketch. A fairly white horse with some black and gray mottle. But I like it. In the sketch, it will just be the head/torso portion but I may as well do the whole horse while learning. Horse tonight, ya. Hehe…now I’m excited. Of all things….the thing that excites me most…is the wobble bobbles on the legs. Hehe….I’m silly.

Oh my word…my room is indeed chaos. I’m not freaking out yet. I probably should be. Finding things is the real issue. I’m one of those who know just where something is…in the chaos. But when it gets moved…yikes. Hmmm…..bottle time will de-stress me. Ya. And it did….till I broke a bad egg over my meatloaf fixins!!! Hubby…geeze. Honestly….he hadn’t gotten eggs in weeks…then I see a huge pile in the kitchen. I wondered where they went….INTO MY FRIDGE!!! Oh…..if he was a child I would really let him have it. I now reek of rotten egg too. What a strange day. My hair is all braided up….my room is being cleaned….and my room is different, as I am.

My Eggie is doing well. Still no healing has transpired, but in all honesty…with the injury such that it is…it seems that regrowth of something is necessary…that’s all. No ointments or bandages needed…just time. Time, patience and love. I hesitate to free her without the regrowth taking place. I was pondering whether I did the right thing…even though it was so dang obvious that I was supposed to….but I got to thinkin and when I said something to Summer…she had been thinkin that same thing. When Eggie was found…it was 2am and if Eggie was 2 ft down the fenceline in either direction….we wouldn’t have seen her and she’d be dead. We have miles of fenceline. Only one place….where I go through a gate to get to my girls. Right there, Eggie was. Divinely guided. Divinely placed. Divinely found.

Well……with my room strewn about….I’m hoping we do get to paint tonight. We. Hehehe. We paint. She’ll leave soon and it’ll be just me again. Well…hubby is on his way home and I should finish up with dinner. Y’all be good! Hehe.. ..ok….DO good then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!