oh holy COW……….!

I blinked….and my life changed again. I wonder which metaphor works best. God is good. The Lord provides. When one door closes another door opens. If God closes the door, open the window. Hehe. Well……all of the above has just happened. Soon, Summer will be leaving to go get work to buy the medicines, but as I’ve said, we decided I wouldn’t be strong enough to go and do it myself. And kid n ewe was a no go. I’ve been racking my brain for a way to try to earn money myself. Well, Summer went to town to check out a farmers market the other day and maybe a gallery or two and came home all excited about our little town. First and foremost, there was a tee tiny space, rather closetlike, but to me, it was beautiful. It might be 6×6. :=)))) I would have to pay a very small rent and I could use it as a gallery. Ok, next was the stellar information that our little town is an ART town! In fact, it’s such an up and coming art town that it just won a million dollar grant to build an art center! So, in this art town, once a month people come and walk through the galleries on Main St. and drink wine from the local vineyards. There is always a featured artist. Upon speaking to a lady, it was suggested that I get myself….Known. By being at the wine event once a month, maybe putting a painting up in a consignment gallery or….there was this tiny space. So…..as per usual in my life…in a flash….I have the keys to my very own little art gallery! Now….if I can sell a small painting to cover the rent, I now have a way to potentially grow myself as an artist….but most importantly….I’ll hopefully finally be selling some paintings…thereby making money…thereby contributing to the medicine money myself.
Ok. Now that I’ve done the obligatory telling of what has transpired while y’all weren’t looking…..holy crap!!! Holy crap oh wowza wow. Most of me is good. A small part of me is scared. Ok. Maybe it’s bigger than small. Funny part. My landlord so to speak…is the mother in law of hubby’s car friend. So, that’s a good thing maybe, eh? But wow. I have the keys. I’m responsible for a building. I need a sign. I need lights. I need displays things. None of these things can I buy. I will have to rig what I can out of the kid n ewe stuff. None of those lights are really useable, but there is a ceiling fan with three lights on it in the kid n ewe bin. I have plastic lawn chairs. Jeeze. The timing is funky sorta. There has been enough donated to the fundraiser ($400!!!) for me to go have the initial consult with the center where they will do the iv stuff. Then I’ll have to do that…sit and have iv’s drip. On the good side, I can set my own hours here. Did I tell you its kinda like a minimall? It’s a hallway with shops on each side. Most shops open Thur- Sat. It’s up to me though if I want to be there more. Course those hours/days make it hard for me to get the goats sheared.
But seriously!!! One minute I’m…..and the next….I have a gallery! So much to do. I figured spinning always intrigues people so I’ll take my wheel, :=)))) But I have to find a way to display my art……and DO MY ART….and make it inviting…….in a very tiny space. And Summer will only be here for the beginning….then I’ll be on my own. I can do this. Right. I can do this. Oh my gosh. Ok, well, night night folks. I get to lay down and listen to my mind now. Chamomile tea is nearly all done, meds all taken and time for sleep. 3:40am = 7 = HOLY. OH gosh….I’m so excited…..and so scared……and oh gosh. Please, let it work.
Oh wow. I woke up all excited. Its funny. I twisted myself in pretzels trying to explain having this tiny gallery while I’m doing a fundraiser. Well, that was silly. I need money! LOTS! Someone recently reminded me that Naomi Judd survived HepC. That’s right!!! She sure did…so I went looking. All the articles said how expensive it is to heal from that…..and I determined that she used interferon. I can’t. So ya Sheri Lee……you can ask for help from friends, you can ask hubby, you can sell stuff, wheel and deal, whatever you can to get the medicines you need. You don’t need to justify wanting to live! Ok. Well. Now that I straightened myself out….today we went through paintings deciding which to take and which need last minute changes or fixes or some need black added in the background, etc. Loose ends. I’m also still working on that double own one that ended up becoming a triple owl. Haha, the baby wanted in!!! But I woke up ready to go to the thrift stores to see if I could find some necessaries for pennies!!!! All thrift stores closed! Crap! Ya, I’m in a hurry! Haha. Ya, I’m trying to work it in my brain. Ok….I’ll need space for me to work, and there will also need to be room to move around the room. I wanted to go there today and brainstorm but couldn’t get any takers. Bummer, I coulda gone for a cookie while I was there. :=) Oh man…it’s always such fun to take the paintings off the stacks or outta the bins. I love seeing them. It’s like finally getting to see old friends! So ya. My brain is whirling….more than usual. So much to think about.
I let the babyboys out today. They hadn’t been out in awhile and the 2 new ones are still crying so I like to let them see their mommy’s if they want….if they make it over to the fence, which they usually do. When I’m over there I remember how much I love those boys. Outta sight outta mind. 2 of those yearlings are so precious in my heart….and one, Billy, wow….looking very Kai Mohairesque. (that’s a good thing). The two new boys look so tiny compared to the yearling boys but they even look crazy different amongst themselves…..Zeus is so much smaller than Sochi its ridiculous….and lil Erbie, wow, he’s so tiny you’d freak if you saw how tiny. His coat reminds me of Crystals. Maybe he has that cocci thing. Anyway….the new babes are having a greenie day and are happy finally. Stuff to do. Gotta go….oh ya, I’ll have to drive myself to the IV in Austin when Summer leaves. Hmmm. Just realized that. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Holy COW!!!!















smoothy silkness….

Oh man…no, the mood never did clear up or get sunny and bright. Its ok though, cuz I’m supposed to analyze the emotions I have, if I want to be successful with my spiritual journey…ie, LIFE. Nah, there is a difference. Many many many, in fact, most people I know….are not on a spiritual journey nor do they really even understand what that might mean or entail. Most of the people I know….are either my family or are acquaintances. None of my family are spiritual. Religious, well, a teeny tad maybe, but spiritual, nope. They all laughed at my journey and the things I learned….they would have laughed so hard they’d land on the moon with all the laughter hot air. Hmmm, wonder what they would’ve said about Planet X? Or Niburu? Hehe…same place. Or the Kolbrin bible? Sacrilege!!!! Nah…..my family was not religious enough to yell sacrilege. But they were “judgers”. Yup. They judged the neighbors and well, everything. I was judged to be….a failure. One who never reached her grand potential. The wasted child. What a shame. Ironically……nowadays, life is proving my journey true.

Oh man….ye know….all this art I do of wild animals. Something about them that bothers me and I never really understood it. It’s the kill. The animals don’t know how to kill quickly. It bothers me. I watched a food fight. A few cheetahs caught a young antelope. They were eating it while it was still alive. Arrrrgh!!! That part is so hard for me. On the other hand….gosh, try to have compassion for all Sheri……there is a need for speed there. Eat fast before someone comes and steals it. I guess that could explain it satisfactorily for me. Need to stretch my compassion to also include the hunger. Boy can I relate. No, I’m not starving as some are, some truly are…..but I have had to switch my foods drastically. I literally cried hard while I created my dinner tonight. Can’t even call it dinner. I don’t have meals anymore. I have food. Quite depressing technically…..and not technically. I mean seriously. Vegetables are ok….as a side…..as I’ve been TRAINED to eat them. I’m too old for this. Ya, I complain sometimes even though I’m happy to still be alive. A happy person isn’t happy every second. Or every minute. But this food thing man. And the gestapo is after me every second.

I’m wanting to hold onto the anger that I’m sitting with. Summer and I are having a spat and I’m noticing that anger wants to come out and play. I’ve been in a bad mood all day. I don’t say why. Many reasons, some are known. When you’re already partly there….and anger rares up….wow…easy to slide right on into an evil persona. I guess that’s how bad stuff happens sometimes. Someone is having a bad day and then something else just blows the lid off. Like one too many straws on that camels hump. Why are there straws on the camels hump? Just curious.
At the end of a long Amma quote it said…..a Self-realized soul is the master of his own mind; his mind will only move at his command. Wow. Boy do I have some work to do! His mind will only move at his command. What word is bigger than wow, that would cover this….the incredulity of the realms to which I must go to reach such a thing. The distance to that seems insurmountable but on the other hand, I have already achieved mountain moving things. :=))) In the kitchen, I saw a small lone brown curl laying on the floor. I picked it up and ran my fingers across it’s smoothy silkness and then I lay it down on the counter. I got my drink and came in here. A bit later….here comes Summer with the lone brown curl….saying, look who I found! Hehehe….yes, we love our fiber here.

So….through this examining of thoughts and my shadowside self, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything about me is beautiful. All my imperfections are perfect. I shall try to remain in awe of this. Ha….especially when I’m really trashing myself and my efforts. Just beautiful. Ok….well, night night beautiful people. 2:52am = 9 = Endings
Ha. God laughed at me today. I picked Jesse up and we made plans, lol, to shear a few babies, which Jesse would carry for us….then while shearing, he would rebuild the pen by my bedroom. Up to that point, all was great. Got Squirrel, poor guy had no clue….and got him 1/3 sheared when the rains came. Just stuck him back with his mom in the L. I could tell they were gonna give him a hard time….which is ridiculous cuz the yearling boys didn’t give a hard time to either new baby boy that was just sheared and placed in with them….double reason to head butt and all. But no, they were sweet. So poor Squirrel is not having a grand first shearing experience. Poor baby. And the remaining fiber will be not so great as well.

While we did that, Summer was and still is, out checking out a new local market that we may be able to sell the art in. She is also making a website. She decided on her own to change the webhosting company were were gonna use. She decided on Wix. (not sure how I feel about that) If we can sell paintings, that’s more money, so that’s why a website is important, especially since I can’t do the kid n ewe. Everything right now is all about getting money for medicines. Ye know what…..I’ve got de ja vu. Not the ordinary kind though. This is the thought kind. I just had memories, of visioning my life and having someone to go to festivals with me, someone to help me sell the art. ITS HAPPENING NOW! Ooooooh……Spooky! :=))) The even funnier part is that just earlier today I was wishing for an example of visioning working….to remind me that it does work. Ya baby, sure does. Now, we just need to stop the arguing. Jesse says it’s too much togetherness. I think he’s half right. The other half is she is nearly as stubborn as her mama. OKIE dokie then. It is time. Signing off at a soggy (yay) YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….those two babies have suddenly remembered they want their mama’s and are crying like crazy. Well, especially Sochi, who is a cryer. He had dalmation spots upon shear, love those. Anyway, they be sad lil ones.
















well turds….

Somehow….I think God somehow forgot something when he was making me. You know that aspect of a person…that lets them do businessy things? Ya….HE forgot that part with me. He just plain forgot, I guess. That part of you that helps you create your own business. That helps you create labels and tags and measure sizes and display it and price it, etc, etc, etc. I just saw a FB friend post a tag….for an item she just made 2 days ago, titled 1 day ago and now…she’s already got a tag made and on the product. Ya. I’m definitely like a sieve in that matter. Full of holes. Leaky. Useless. ARRRGH…..ok…..bad self talk. NOT useless. Very useful you are my dear….now let’s just fill them thar holes and get er goin!!! I must say, it’s all so very weird. Now that I’ve taught my daughter my ART, somehow the name has changed. I guess to incorporate the 2 of us. We are now called…..ArtFELT Prayers. Not sure it’s the way to go, but I’ll take that step. It’s weird giving the reins over and losing control. Then again…control of nothing…is nothing.
It’s time. Time to decide if we are going off to work for the winter. I was hoping I didn’t have to, but if this fundraiser doesn’t go well….then I have no choice. Its hard work though. Not even sure I could be hired, and it’s halfway across the country….but I see no options. I dunno. Not an easy thing. But staying here and not working….leaving it up to Summer to make all the money for my meds…not right. Don’t know why hubby doesn’t feel bad. Maybe he does. Hmmm…..also….I read that the ayruvedic medicines are in danger….some of the plants they use are nearly extinct….or are now extinct. That is the medicine from the country of India. It’s still one on the list of being one of my treatments if these don’t work. But its land destruction putting them in danger. Shoot….I’ve been reading for awhile that some of the amazon medicines are going away. What a loss if they go. If only we could stop them. Bulldozers. Beginning to hate them. Not their fault though.
I’m still slowly reading…After the Ecstasy, the Laundry, and tonights tiny blippit is….we never arrive at perfect security in this life. Man…I ponder this a lot! I truly doubt that even Buddha, in his enlightenment….did things…not so perfect. I think it’s just a part of being human. If we were perfect, we’d be God, wouldn’t we? And, the bottom line of all my pondering….not that I’m really good at utilizing it butttttt………there is no security. Dive in. All in. Be brave. And if you find mud…..have a mud party! Play in it! Lord, please let me remember this next time I’m in the mud. I love making things outta mud. For any who may not understand….that’s what I call it when I’m having sadness issues. In the mud. Ok…well, I’m not in the mud right now. Been painting all evening. I am finally on a roll….and for the moment have my passion sitting right here with me…..instead of hiding inside me. Working on two paintings, the bears and a double owl one. I did a small owl head yesterday and it was so cute I had to make another. Now two owls in one painting. Well, the fundraiser kicked off tonight and I was able to get the video up too. We got some donations and a bunch of shares. Sharing is so helpful folks. I really do appreciate it.
Well, I wasn’t scared or horrified when I woke up this morning. It’s always interesting lately when I wake from sleep….how is the reality going to present itself to my sleepy self today???? I had some possible good news to look forward to so that probably explains the no fear wake up. I had written to the person in charge at the Kid n Ewe fiber festival. I hadn’t planned to go back. I explained that a painting had been stolen from there, I am sick and this could represent some $$$ for me, so, could he waive the booth fee. Answer: No. He had already filled the space. And my brain wants to say….and you can’t squeeze another in???? But….no. I shall say……it wasn’t meant to be. Although I will kick and scream in my head. Summer said it was probably a favor cuz it would most likely be too hard on me. Ya sure to all of the above…but %$#*&+@#$@%%$ says my brain. Damn. But if the other out of town work is too hard for me….then what? Summer will be gone. It will be just me and all these goats……ya, they need to go. Selling them is so complicated for me. I guess I need to list them again….but I wanted to wait till they were sheared. Yes, I am indeed insistent on getting one last coat off them before they go. Gee….guess that news bummed me out. My mood has gone south…..a rather saddish mood. But….I can’t be ungrateful. Heck no! People are being so kind. OH….and the responses to the last totem painting are awesome! They like it!!! One person even said it was my best work yet. But ugggh…..why am I so upset about kid n ewe? I barely sold anything last year and top it off, the Einstein painting was stolen. A $600 loss……..!!! Hmmm, let’s meditate on it Sheri……ahhh, now. In the now……the kid n ewe matters NOT. This is August. Ok. I’m calmer now. Not sure I’m gonna be able to raise enough money to do the IV treatments, but my faith is high that either way……everything is as it should be.
Ok….well….I found a way to rid myself of some of this angst. I sheared 2 babies. Yay, finally. Sochi…first born of the babies, and Zeus….whose color was in demand by Miss Summer. They were both very good boys in the stanchion, but Sochi did holler for his mama, something he regularly does. I always feels so bad when I take the boys from their moms but it has to be done….and I’m way late already! Ok….gotta wrap this up. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















lol….its a fundraiser

Once upon a time….at a different lifetime phase…well, many different lifetime phases…I would have been mortified to ask for money. To beg. Beg. Sounds bad. To request assistance. I’ve just been pondering it and how it is that I can do it now. I think the main contributor to this new ability to ask…..is hubby. Hubby and I have a marriage of convenience….which btw, aren’t really all that convenient. Anyway….hubby earns the money and our entire married life…..has seen me….asking him….for EVERYTHING. Everything I needed…down to the tiniest things….I had to ask. Then one day…I didn’t ask. I just spent the money. Hmmm. Upset but not screaming. I continued to push this limit until we are where we are now. Which is: hubby says we are broke due to my animals. He says he doesn’t make enough money to pay all the bills. Oh…crap. I’ve digressed. Ok…so…..I learned how to ask for money by asking my hubby for everything I needed over the past 14 years. It was in the last year that I began to spend without asking and apparently I went too far recently. Hubby threw a major fit and said there wasn’t enough money now for rent. So. This came right after I had my bad diagnosis and I needed money. Well, I asked for money to go see Amma….that wasn’t so bad. And I’ve been talking about Summer making a fundraiser, but she finally did it tonight and hehe…it made me turn really red. Embarrassment to the core!!!! But ye know what? Why? Why do I find it easy to help others but not myself? Well, not this time. This is life and death. I feel like I’m really making a difference here. I’m really helping this illness and curing it. I’ll get the liver numbers soon to prove it. And its not my fault that insurance doesn’t cover Alternative treatments. Insurance does however, cover my inhaler. WHICH…..I barely have to use now. YES…….MY LUNGS ARE HEALING…because I quit!!!!! I’ve made a gazillion life changes to save my life…and they are paying off! No wheezing! I can take it before bed…….then head out the next day forgetting to take it with me….then remembering…..when it’s too late…..and NOT panicking! Hehehe! Basically I only use it now before bed….and that’s more outta a desire to sleep than a wheeze. Can you believe it? I did that! I healed my lungs! Well, not healed, they don’t feel 100%, that’s for sure, but they are healing and are very much easier to breathe with. Oh man…..its late. Sleeptime. 3:57am = 6 = earth. Night night earth people. Ps….the angel pancakes were awesome…..and the turkey bacon is strange but I suppose if one really needed meat….it would do to sorta taste like bacon. So there….my official review of turkey bacon. Night.
I was just thinking about this money thing. This worth thing. As a child, I was not told “I LOVE YOU”. I was not hugged. I was married to a man who beat me and cheated on me. Do you see how I put things in neat little packages? Very little detail. Just fact. I learned that one while getting ready to be my own attorney for my divorce from the scoundrel. LOL….what an old word. I had to take stories that took months or incidents of hell that took hours…..and make them all……a few sentences each. Yikes. Not easy, lemme tell ya. Haha…I digressed again. Anyway….I think the worth issue was pretty much gonna be a given, eh????? Bottom line….they were wrong. I am worth it. I am worth everything and anything…just like you. Ok….night.
Ha….there are not enough hours today! I painted, while Summer worked on a website. Apparently she made an executive decision and chose a different website provider…., hmmm. We also made a video for the fundraiser site. Ha…that was fun! Actually, it was. Maybe I shoulda been a movie star??? LOL. Then it took hours to try to get around a silly Youtube sign in glitch. I’ve had the glitch forever but it really ran us ragged today. Think it might be uploading though, which would be a welcome success. Hey…y’all remember seeing that photo traveling FB of the mama bear and her 4, ya, 4 cubs??? Well, ya. I had to try. It’s just a small painting, so we’ll see….but after laying out the background, I took it in to Summer and said…what is it? She said….3 bears. Yay! Well, it’s 5, but not in the layout perspective!!!
So…..I forgot to say in the video that I looked like death warmed over a few weeks ago. Y’all go see it….and you’ll see how much better I look! These med methods are working, I tell you! Don’t I look healthy? Well, I’m not. Not yet. But I will be! Y’all are hanging in there with me and I appreciate it. Hehe….I’m still not pooping any silver beebee’s or anything yet so all is good! Lol. I was freaking that the colloidal silver was almost gone already and need to order more quick….but it turns out….there are 3 bottles! 40 drops today…50 drops tomorrow then back down to the 30 for the rest of the protocol.
Ha….hubby just bought…ecofriendly wasp spray. LOL…..he says……it doesn’t kill them right away AND…..it doesn’t spray far enough. So, we have tiny wasps flying everywhere right now. Not all eco stuff is wonderful. Ok….we finally got the video to upload. What a fiasco that was. So now, y’all get to see me! I’m gonna go plunk it on the fundraiser site. We had an $11 donation last night. Yay!!! Ya, we had a few others, but just wanted to let ya know that any amount helps. I got a kick out of it. Not 10, but 11 dollars. How sweet. Ok….well……I guess I’ll go see if I can grab a photo or two. The phone was busy doing the video upload thing. Hmmm, or not. There may or may not be photos today. Either way….I am signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-mamasheri-heal/224916 .








painting like crazy……

Goodness…just watched a show called….Hanger One….UFO files or something like that. Kinda spooky. They were talking about the different presidents and their UFO sightings. In the end…it was decided that the Presidents probably have all these childhood ideas of how they want to change the world when they become President…then they get into place…get their briefing and….thats it. Game over. They said that after Jimmy Carter was briefed about UFO’s….he hung his head and balled like a baby. Now that is not good news. I’ve often thought that exact scenario…except…in mine…it’s the briefing about who controls what on the planet and why he and every president must do certain things.
Well, we were actually gonna shear today. Yes, shearing must happen before anybody is sold…….cuz this is my last chance at their fleeces for my art. We were. Then I decided no, we wouldn’t. Then I said…oh but why can’t we? Why can’t we shear today and boom! Rain and thunder that second!!! That decided that now didn’t it??? Course if I had any gumption at all….I would shear them and plunk them straight into the wash water. But no…I seem to have no oomf whatsoever. Oh wait…can’t say that…I’m still painting, thank GOD. Just got done feeding the girls and ya…they were plenty wet.
I finished off the last of Summers birthday cake last night and tonight is Angel Pancake night. She bought me my own bag!!!! Yay! Oh…..and….found out they are not ten bucks…only 6 bucks. Seriously folks….they are that good. Summer says they don’t even need syrup….but ya….I will be adding syrup. Lol…you can bet on that. I may be trying to extend my life….hehe, but I’m really very human and I do love my sugar. Ok…maybe I’m more Poohbear than human. I’ll accept that. Its funny…..I eat a salad and then I’m like….HA!!!! there!!!! Healthy food down the hatch…now where’s the food???????
My guest is not coming after all. She has decided that she wants to finish building her little house before winter and will need the extra weekend to do it. So…I’ll mail her the totem painting. I really like how it turned out. My favorite part is the center….the underwater scene with the turtle. Just love it. Bummer though that Barb is not coming now. She woulda had to stay at one of the local hotels but shoot…there’s several to choose from in each of the nearby towns. But since I’ve finished the totem painting, I’ve been having fun just painting. Did a hummingbird and an owl and a few more that I’ve already shown. Wanting to do 2 different paintings at the same time…ha……maybe I’ll start em both……and juggle them! LOL….why not? I’ve been having such fun reaching into the new bags of colored locks to find…just what I need. Found just the right shade of dark purple for the hummingbird from yesterday. Love new colors. It’s funny. Finally have Summer realizing that she can paint during the day…BUT…we are still staying up too late. We do indeed have our own kinds of art. I taught her my art…..and she then took what she learned and made it hers. Her art is so different than mine. Ha…even back when she was copying me……she still did it so different. Her thing lately and for awhile has been trees. Haha…right now she has no clue what she will paint….she’s just building a background…..then saying….what do you see? LOL. I helped her see a turtle!!! Ha….and now shes tossing me colors and saying…quick! Hehe, that’s one way to figure out what you’re painting will be of!!!
I bought turkey bacon. Rather afraid to try it. Ha. Or lazy….not sure which. Could it possibly taste like bacon? I know….I’ll cook it as a blog thing. I’ll tell ya how it is! It sure looks funny, I can start there. Ya, I’m getting excited. It’s nearing dinnertime. How crazy. My new happiness and joy in life is food. Pancakes. I’m excited over pancakes. Once upon a time….bisquick or pancake mix boxes sat in the pantry at any given moment. But now…no GMO stuff allowed. No bisquick. Only Angels allowed here!!! Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!















a MamaSheri Avenue???

Summer says she doesn’t think I’m dying anymore. She thinks the diet changes and the meds have affected it to the point that perhaps the HepC is sleeping again. I don’t have quite that much faith. Why? Cuz I live in the body. Ya, I think there’s improvement but I can’t say it’s sleeping. Still too many digestion issues. At some point I’ll go have blood tests done to see where we are at. The newest meds started yesterday, 3 times a day and I’ll go ahead and tell ya what it is. Silver. Haha…no, I’m not gonna turn blue. It’s way newer and fancier than that. Colloidal Silver. I have tiny Dixie cups and I pour a bit of distilled water, then the silver, then chlorophyll. Ya, the plant kind! It is stored in the fridge. See, I told ya these remedies were not traditional. It doesn’t taste great but it’s just tiny and you swig it like a shot. I will be on this for 30 days, 3 times a day…..along with many others. There’s only one more med left to start. I wanted to receive it thru IV….works better that way, but it’s not covered by insurance. It’s about $700 to start and around $2-300 a visit. I’d have to raise that somehow. Plus…..I’m back to 3 times a day on the scary one…the one that somewhat removes your brain. I’m told it’s temporary. Hell….let’s hope. Now that I’m back on it 3 times a day, now I have to up the dosage as time goes on. So….I’m giving you fair warning. I may either make no sense here….or I may make no sense so much that I take a temporary break from blogging till my brain is back. We’ll see.
Summer and I are on a painting roll. Yay! That’s a good thing. It’s still a frustrating thing for me that it’s my passion and yet I haven’t been able to find an avenue to sell them. Surely there is a street/avenue that is just right, that is perfect and they look beautiful hanging there while the people look and buy. Like a tiny little street in grand Paris. LOL. Ya, I’m into visualizing these days. In fact, I find myself being like George…creating stories in fun while talking. Like…out of the blue just spinnin a yarn….lol. It’s an interesting new phase in my life. Phase, portion, section, segment. Haha….segment made me think of a worm. Cut his tail off and he grows more. Many segments. In fact, yes, many segments right now. I used to notice them in like 8 month intervals. Now they are increasing to weeks. In just weeks, I am in a new phase. Enough to give a girl mindlash!!!
Hubby just showed up with the Austin white feed and we got em all unloaded. THEN……..!!!!! The painted fiber arrived…lol, DYED…….by Monica. Monica at Just Ducky Hand Spun has finished up and sent my package. I received 40 colors today!!! Colors on my very own mohair. Maya….these colors are Maya. She did a wonderful job dying the fiber and yes, it took longer than I would have liked but hey…life happens. Happened here too!!! But ya…40 one ounce bags of individual colors. Yay oh yay and boy did we need them! I was needing some dark purple and it came just in time. I love that they are my own goats too! Oh….and I do a lot of painting with dyed silk hankies. If any of you have a great price on that or just wanna contribute…ya, I’m here! Holler at me. Wow…I’m outta time. Guess that’s it. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.










….our first NEW birthday

If I were to do this human thing right….I would start over. I would start naked….and go from there. I would think very carefully before adding animals. Each animal added to my world, requires a portion of my energy. Too many animals, and not enough portions of energy given…mean unhappy, sad faces. Ya…..I have too many sad faces. Too much energy spread out. I’m actually trying to break away from the goats entirely and my daughter is fussing at me. She likes the goats. Well, ya, so do I….but my illness has changed me. There are just too many for me at this phase in my life. I want them all gone, or nearly all. She wants to keep 10 or so. I haven’t decided yet, but whatever happens…..it needs to happen soon. I’m just mentally at the place of…..they are going…..then I want them gone. It’s too hard loving them and knowing they gotta go. They just need to go. It’s too sad.
Today was Summers birthday and I did my best to make it a good one without much money. I did the….paper I owe you things, and got her a skyswing chair. Yay…..and her own pair of tiny scissors…her favorite present. A few tiny other things, all very inexpensive but she appeared to genuinely love the birthday. I’ll try to continue the celebration a few more days, ya baby! How? Dunno!!! Ahhh, well…something. Ok…night night. 3:20am=5=change!!! Later!
YAY!!! Skychair is up….in the tree next to the tiny trailer Summer is using and it is PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. Ya push off and start to swing and every so often, it begins to spin…the tiny twirl that sends you around and then back around….it’s just the most calm and soothing feeling. Maybe people with babies should get some. If there was a way…I’d have em in the house! I highly recommend them. Skychair. We paid around 50 bucks for this one but they have em in a large price range, and I highly recommend them. Just strung it up with regular rope and wala….fun and calm at the same time. See, you can just do the calm thing ifn ya want to….or…..you can spin it or twirl it or swing it like a swing or just sit there with your feet down and twist yourself in it. Just a hoot man. Love it. Happy Birthday to me and the Girl!!! The cake was lovely. Hehe…we called it a Pooh cake. It stuck to the pans, so it came out in portions scooped out and piled on…that was the cake. Hehe. Then cream cheese icing…I did say it was carrotcake, right? So, the icing, then pile more clumps on, then more icing. Ya…a pooh cake. Yummy too. Whoda thunk carrots would make a good cake? Wonder if she’s sharing another piece? Hehe, she already has to put a piece aside for Cathy! LOL….I have cookie makings.
Finished up a few paintings that have been seconds away from done, how crazy is that? Why would anyone stop work on a painting just before its done? Began a hummingbird today too. They’re usually pretty fun to paint. Still havin the itch to try oil painting again. Or acrylic. Most of these latest ones are smaller. To offer at a lower price. Haha, goofyness cuz they take about as long. Oh well. Ya do what ya gotta do to try to make a sale. Speaking of that. At Blogtalk on Thursday, Namaste Farms….the topic went to pricing. It was said in the chatroom…..You get what you pay for. Hmmm. That is not always true people. Yes, maybe it’s the majority…but don’t forget….there are indeed minorities out there as well. Sometimes the people are shy or have low self esteem or have an emergency….there are many reasons why people sell and why they sell at certain prices. Just be aware and dig around a bit.
Medicines. Ugggh!!! They are filling up my day. Getting old!!! Got hubby to agree to buy one of the meds!!! Yay!!! One, though, when 2 are needed….at $125. Explained to him that I have been taking meds and paying for them….thousands of dollars worth….paying either with painting sales…or begging for money. No reaction. Uggh. Told him I had 90 in the bank and was about to have to pay something over 60 and he said….I thought you said you had 324 in the bank!. See, he remembers what I say. Ya dude…I did have that in the bank until Summer paid for the latest 3 medicines!!! So basically….I’m down to $30, so if anyone wants to contribute to the meds issue….my paypal is sherilee@wildblue.net. Cool. So….about the goats…we had that discussion again today. She wants 14 or so, I want 0 to 4. We now have opposing desires. I wanna have freedom….whether I get to live or if I need to do bucketlist stuff. Can’t have freedom when you have 50 goats. (or so) Ya. It’s a dilemma…..and hey…I still would love to see these all go to 1 or 2 buyers…wouldn’t that be ideal??? Lets manifest it!!! So, the bottom line of the new way to do birthdays at Mama’s house is……I think it was a success. More money would have been awesome, but she appeared fairly happy. Oh ya….freaky thing…..someone tried to become Natalie yesterday! Whoever it was, they just brazenly stole her photos and info and were going around collecting all of Natalies friends!!! I was in town and couldnt Report it, so waited till I got to the house. By then, someone or many someones had beat me to it…..but not before the IMPOSTER had accumulated quite a few friends. So….be careful when accepting Friend Requests from someone you should already be friends with. Before you do ANYTHING….go see if your friend is still on your list…if so…message her!!! Ok folks…gonna go now. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….got the munchies!!!