So, I’m NOT boring y’all to tears!!! Yay!

Haha…just when I thought I was boring y’all to tears….I was encouraged to keep talking. I so wanted this journey to be of benefit to others, not just myself. I like to share my learnings…otherwise, only me is helped. Fooey on that! Very glad to hear that I am indeed helping. I started the dragonfly painting last night and was so excited I could barely sleep. Had to bring the huge foam with it…to the gallery today…had to keep working on it. Uggh…..but the wire I have is not right, so will have to make a Walmart run and is driving me nuts I wanna go now…NOW! When the passion strikes…..the venom is beautiful, intense and demanding. My monk is suggesting metal window screen to build the wing on….but I keep trying to explain that the needles will break if I do that. Experimentation is called for and was the plan all along! Hehe….I already broke 2 just trying this wire. I will succeed though. And Robin came in…hadn’t planned on her seing it yet but in she came and she loves it. I kept saying things to justify it and it will change and the body color wont be all one color…lol……that’s why I don’t usually like the recipient or others to see too much before its done. I find I have to explain all the changes that will eventually arrive. Is ok though and she loves it. And…she gave me the first payment on it…50 bucks!

Speaking of bucks……goodness. I am such an honest person, it’s making life difficult for me, lol. I find it very difficult to buy anything I need now…..if it’s not a medicine expense….but I am just opening a gallery and have a few expenses there I’d like to do, to try to generate more money through the gallery….like framing….but need supply money. I find myself saying…no….thats not medicine….can’t spend the donated money on that! So…..what I am now doing, to spare myself all that headache, is only spending MY money…painting money…for supplies. So yay!!! I just got $50 for supplies! That’s doable and honest and in the end, the money generated from the gallery will help me with meds too. Less to have to beg for, if you will. OH…..and did I tell you….the hairdresser across the hall from me….offered up the clothing she was about to donate to the thrift store, and we went through it first and yay…I got a tiny bit of warmer clothing. See, I’ve been farming only for the past 14 years and that’s really all the clothes I have. Can’t wear farmer clothes into a gallery. So, thrift stores it is for this gal, and it’s alright…nice stuff there. Funny though, to go from being able to buy just about anything your heart desires….hubby would, for me……to this. But hey….i adore my thrift store clothes! Hehe…I like the lower case i. Such a cutie….with that little dot….so ya, i left it like that on purpose, not a typo!!! AND……I did get a new phone. Not a New new one, not the Iphone 6, but was able to upgrade to a 5c for $30 instead of it just being replaced. Made hubby pay for that though…not sure if he’s aware yet, but he hasn’t yelled at me yet…..and of course, the $40 fee to get the upgrade, then the $30 for the protective case, and of absolute course…the pizzeria we ate in, cuz it was sooooo late that night. :=))))

Another quiet day at the gallery. Apparently it is SO quiet that the shop owners are complaining to the city officials and wanting some advertising or something to draw people to the town. Me? Oh, I moved a painting. I took the one on the door and switched it with one on the gridwall. That, then created a gastly odd space and I ended up having to switch quite a few to make it look ok. The building owner, is behind me all the way and wants me to succeed and was trying to offer suggestions and wondering what could be done….to make a sale. Ha….apparently…frame the dang things is the unanimous answer. I would dearly love $500 just to use to build the business….ye know, frames, etc. Is there such a thing as a tiny mini loan? I’m determined though, to not get down about the non sale thing. Each day is a new day…a new moment. One step at a time, I will make this into a great gallery, and this art will sell. Oh ya….Jesse says its Ren fair again…or one of them….and our friends are in town for it. Will most likely run out there to socialize with the wandering Jews. :=)) They go from faire to faire, always moving….so developing friendships at those stops would be vital I think. I wonder if I have a goat I can spare this time. Lol….can’t believe I just said that……they want to eat it. Sorry, I just can’t. I even love the lil stinkers who give me fits. I look forward to the good conversation with an adult from another country who has different perspectives.
Ok…well, I can see now that I need to shrink what lil bit of the dragonfly I have in the painting and since I have 30 more minutes before I leave and go to Walmart, then home….I believe I’ll close this out and fix that critter. He is the star of this painting, so he needs to be right. The rose came out nicely so far, way not done, but so far so good. I intend to pull off a raindrop. With paint????? Easy peasy…….with fiber? Not sure yet! Ok…..y’all have a great night and if you’re into fiber stuff…listen in at Blogtalk….click Namaste Farms, then the one that is live, or on air. Cool. She just asked if I was up for bright colors with that prize that was swapgifted to me, by Diane Nightengale…I said heck YA! Ya, sure browns are always in low supply but we LOVE color!!! So, yay! Thankyou Natalie and Diane Nightengale. So thrilled. Signing off at 920 Main St. Bastrop, Texas….Noah’s Arts…..aka…… PS….Yo Scotland…..with ya baby…either way. Later gators!!!












a near cure…in USA…shall I go?

Hmmm, I just hit the backbutton for a whole paragraph. I just don’t know how to talk about my life without talking about whats on my mind. They go together and that is how I blog. It feels icky to constantly talk about money or lack of…..but more so….is it icky to live with this feeling. I need to do some kind of clearing in this area. My mind is constantly on this and it need not be. Thinking about money is like worry I’d imagine. There is no point. Its either there or it isn’t. Uggh. I try to keep the positive energy vibes goin, and find myself getting full of angst…that is not trusting. Ya, we went to Austin today and had an hour long visit and came out with a baggie of meds for a nebulizer that I should have in the living room, that I never used…big chicken. I am then supposed to come in 2-3 times a week for the IV treatment. At over $100 each! While she did the questionnaire thing, she told us about a Dr in New Mexico. He’s THE authority on HepC she says. She thinks I should go there, most likely stay for a few weeks, then come back and continue this IV and add in the rest of the protocol. Cuz this stuff IS part of the protocol, I can begin it now, before I go, IF I go. Upon thinking about this for just the few hours that it’s been, I’m just not sure.

Just as I was about to start blogging tonight, I messaged with the young lady whose mother just died of HepC, unexpectedly. We ended up chatting for quite awhile. She seemed to be doing well, but was wishing she’d been able to be there when her mom passed. Do I want anyone here when I pass? I told her I wasn’t sure cuz I might get too scared if it took too long, giving my fear time to build…then getting lost upon crossing over. She suggested I talk about this fear of getting lost, with Summer. Ha. Ya, maybe I should. Then there’s the fear of….being immediately put back on earth….because of said fear. Oh man….it’s late. I almost got to bed early. Ha. 2:59am = 7 = Holy. Nightie night.

Upon waking, sense has been restored to my brain. I’ve been thinkin. Ye know, I’m really hard on myself, and in the interest of my new way of being, and learning to love myself, I should explain that until recently, I was not really a contributing member of society. I was depressed. I was suicidal. I was self pain absorbed. I abused drugs. In other words…I was a big fat mess and I could barely hold a job….I could get the job…oh ya… problem there, just keeping them….real issue. As you can guess, if I couldn’t hold the jobs, I didn’t have money. This explains the lack mentality. It’s ingrained. How to reform this mentality is the tricky part now. So when you look at it thru my feet……the ones that did the walkin… can see…ya…..she has money fears. LOL. So, I now forgive myself for all the harsh thoughts and disbelief. Now to switch it to good thoughts of abundance and plenty and ya…I can do this.
2 more things are on my brain. One, is a video I saw on, ya…you guessed it, FB. It was a dog….who saw 3 fish laying out of water, gasping for breath. That dog, stuck his snout in the nearby puddles, trying to get them under water. Of course, I did cry. That was the biggest proof ever that they are beings. Not stuff. Beings, alive, feel pain, feel love, feel betrayal, understand life and death. Yes. Our animal friends…are basically people too. And how do we treat them? Stay, come, chains, pens, same food day in day out, we yell at them too. These are sensitive beings. God forgive us.
And…..that other thing ridin around in the front seat of my 53 yr model brain is……someone gave away their fiber prize for me???? I shit you not. At Namaste Farms Blogtalk on Thursdays, Natalie generally does a giveaway to those who came and were in the chatroom. Last weeks winner asked………asked……..that the prize be given to me…that I needed something soft and pretty. My heart was blown wide open. Seriously folks…..people go nutso for the Namaste Farms ScapBox…..and she willingly gave it away???? And to MEEEEE!!!!!?????? I am so humbled and awed at the heart, the raw heart I’ve been witness to since my illness. Grateful is too weak of a word. The outpouring of love….is nothing short of phenomenal and I adore you all. Jennifer Nightingale……may God bless you immensely.
Back to the Doc stuff for a minute……they did say…there really is no cure for HepC. BUT….if I do the NM meds, I can then have maintenance meds until I do die….which could be years and years. I dunno. I read that there are 4 million people who have it. I hear a conspiracy in those numbers. :=) So, basically….go to NM, begin treatment, come home, continue treatment a few weeks then doneski…..till maintenance a few times a year. WOWza. Sounds doable. I now have 2 things to put the money in perspective. A friend helped me with that, wanting me to know that it cost $75,000 to have a broken bone repaired….and also….it costs over 300 thousand dollars for a liver transplant…….well over. Those numbers give lil ole me hope with my lil ole treatments. Also……as I was driving to the gallery today, it occurred to me also that the money issue????? Well…….it’s NOT in the moment! Not at all! So hard to remember all these new rules to live by. In the moment, you can prepare for the future, but that’s about it.

OHHHHH……Mea….I guess you missed out. When I was first sick, I told Mea I’d give her Georgia and one of her twins. Peaches. She had really wanted Georgia before I bought her. So….my way of fixing that was to just give them both to her….I was feeling desperate and down and scared. Well, Mea never did come and get them and my WYWY just died and it has just occurred to me…….Peaches is the spitting image basically of my Wywy!!! It’s just that she’s a girl! Hey, I will take it. Yay! So….today I sketched out a new sign for the gallery. Typical, but cute. I mean, Noah’s Ark has been done endlessly…now it’s my turn for a whimsy one too. Ha, it’ll look like all the rest….just with my lil spin on it. Okie Dokie donkey…..guess I better go. Lots on my mind but y’all only have so much time to read. :=))) Signing off at Noahs Arts 920 Main St. Bastrop, Texas….. aka….










I guess it’s gonna be cold early this year. I’m thinkin I need to create some clothing since I have no good clothes for winter, only for summer. I can layer and maybe felt myself some somethings? I have a few long john shirts, they can layer. But with what? Hmmm. I dunno. Gonna have to figure this out….cuz I hate being cold. It takes forever to knit and crochet even if I knew how or wanted to know how to knit clothes. I did that coat… weighed 4 lbs. Mohair doesn’t felt well…wetfelt that is. It will, they say it just doesn’t full. All I know is, it puckers. All the mohair I’ve wetfelted alone, puckers. Gee…..I think I’m talkin out my hat cuz I don’t think I have enough wool here. I was supposed to do a table runner(table cloth) challenge….gonna have to substitute that for a human cloth instead….sorry Erin, if you’re reading. I’m not really sure this is one of my art areas, but I guess I shall give it a go sometime when I get enough gumption. I’m sleepy now, 3:01am = 4 = Angels. Night night!
For some reason, I have feelings of sadness today. Not sure why they are there, they just are. Nothing in particular. Well, there is one thing but I don’t think its that. I had helped Summers friend with her mothers eating issues due to her HepC. The mom, Callie, didn’t wanna eat what they told her to eat. She wanted to eat the foods she had always eaten and since I was going through the same thing, it was obvious that I would talk to her about it and what things bothered me that Summer did with me foodwise. It helped me to help her. This was a few weeks ago. On Saturday, I saw that the mom, Callie had died. Huh????? Oh man. Was it cuz she wouldn’t eat the veggies???? Did she have too many cookies??? Am I next? My appt is tomorrow for the IV thingy. Tons of paperwork and I hear they will be doing the bloodwork so I don’t have to call Doc and request some so we can see where we are when we start….plus, where we are compared to when this started.
Last night, I discovered a few other fiber artists doing similar things to mine. Similar….not the same, BUT…….the way they were finished off was interesting….and a bunch were framed. Basically framed the way my monk wants to help me do. Lol……had me an epiphany last night. Hahahahaaa. A stretcher bar….for artists…is not a tool!!! I always pictured it as a metal thing that you somehow hook to the painting and stretch the canvas around the wood thingies. HA! The stretcher bar IS the wood thingie around the canvas!!! Heheeee. Oh, and hubby sent me an email with like 20 links for How to Frame it Yourself!!! Just what I didn’t want to do, but it is starting to seem as if I need to. Sure, I can probably try the new method I saw recently on new paintings yet painted…….but not sure about the ones already done. Might rule them out for that particular method. I’m boring you aren’t I?
Summer ran to Austin to the library and Whole Foods and Jesse and I sheared one and a half goats. We finished up Squirrel, then did Thor, who was trying to mount everyone lately. Yup, he’s done with that! Ya, that boy baby pen is getting mighty full. 3 more boys that I can think of left……Diplo, Moonbaby and Erbie. Erbie is so tee tiny that I just don’t know about putting him anywhere. His growth has halted. Right before I left for DC he had tape worms. He’s been wormed for regular worms since then, but he’s just the smallest goat ever….and with the wacky back leg. Anyway…they are done and they wouldn’t follow the other boys or come when called so we had to load em up in the Blazer. Their mommies haven’t said a thing so far.
I cannot explain what I’m feeling. Oh…I asked the lady about her mom. The mom hemorrhaged. They thought she had a few years left. That is scary to me. I need to deal with that fear, cuz from what I hear…it’s your feelings at death…..AT death…that determine how it goes. I need to calm myself somehow. So very strange. For so many years, I wanted to die…to leave…getn me outta here. Now…..I don’t wanna go. Am basically afraid to go. And being afraid to go terrifies the crap outta me. Ya. But seriously. I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Not sure if it’s a sick feel or a hinky feel or a psychic feel or a nervous feel. My psychic feel is what I call rock gut and is usually lower in the belly than this. This one is above the belly button…..what???? Its uncomfortable, in its familiarity. I dunno. It feels icky though. Not pain, just ick. Gosh! Hubby is home early! Guess me and my ickyness shall sign off here at YeeHaw Ranch. I’ll deal. Later gator! Ps…..who knows when…but I did wake up with a felted clothing idea.













We have a website!!!

I told you about my perceived failure at yesterdays end of the day emotions. That I was envious, or at the least…sad, that I didn’t make a sale and Komal made 5. What I noticed after some time had elapsed however,was that this was no ordinary emotional event. No sirree. I was dis-connected from my emotions. As I drove, and I wailed at the top of my lungs……yes, I really really release my sadnesses… felt funny. Stiff. The voice sounded a bit off as well, as I wailed. It was way late in the evening before I realized that it was not connected. I then analyzed it. It was a……….typical Sheri sadness response and release. It was typical, therefore, my body thought it was what I would do next. The new me, however, didn’t feel the need to cry, as I had said yesterday, I was really happy for him. But my mind didn’t want me to be. My mind wanted things as normal. I eventually got past it, actually, now that I think of it…I got past it when I had the realization that it was an unwanted….performed by rote….task. Wowza, yes, this gal, she is a changin.

The sick goat that appeared like he would survive….did not survive after all. But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that they don’t allow us farmers anything to help relieve them of their suffering. When I checked on that baby…he was 4…but still my baby…..when I checked on him late last night, well………it was late, he was in the house…..many reasons not to shoot right then……but I will spare you the horror. Let’s just say he was suffering horribly. Actually, he wasn’t. He was basically in death mode, but when I asked hubby what to do, his suggestion was to move him. When I moved him, he woke up…came out of the death trance and THEN….he suffered. God did I FUCK up. AND…he was still alive come morning, upon which time he was put out of his ridiculously long and unnecessary misery. Believe you me…I was very angry with God last night. Told HIM this was totally unacceptable. Yes, I’m sparing you. So, ya, he’s finally gone now……and I still have no way to help next time this happens. I liked the method someone told me about…the car starter fluid…but others have said its inhumane. Someone…tell me a humane way…that isn’t a gun!!!! Thanks!

I bought a piece of particle board and had them cut it in half. I will lay a painting upon it, clip or staple it…and lean it on the easel….which will be sitting outside my door now….so people might see that there is another artist down the hall. They come in….go to his…buy his…..spend all their money….then…maybe…they might see that I’m there too, but just a few steps down. I took the dragonfly sketch down to the Robin and she approved it. There is a rose in it…I will have to improve on my rose skills right quick. I could show you the drawing sketch…but its fairly weak and it may not show. We’ll see.

Well, fun times at feeding. Love those goats. Such sweetie pateeties. The ex bottle baby still hangs around, as if somehow, miraculously…something will be divvied out, just for her. The little boys were out in the yard and were just layin around waitin for grains when I got back from town. I just adore them. Little Thor, still in the girls pen, was trying his best to mount any girl he could today. Me thinks he will be sheared with the last 1/3 of Squirrel…next up…..ya, with only one set of clippers now. Oh man. Not good. I have way too many goats to have one set of clippers. Well….guess I’ll cut this short today. Gotta do some thinkin. Lol, speakin of that….was driving home and was meditating……doing the Thinking kind….so, 15 minutes in…..I realize I’ve not meditated at all…the entire 15 min was spent…Thinking….lol. heheheeee. Ok…signing off at a still soggy YeeHaw Ranch. Also…..don’t forget….the website is here! Please, go check it out and lemme know what you think. If you can, please support my daughter, she has some beautiful works of art. Thanks for lookin!!!

















God is being nice to me…..

It is a Saturday. My typical Saturday meanderings have shifted, along with everything else in my interesting little life these days. Today, I am sitting in the tee tiny gallery I opened last week, listening for voices or footsteps… signal the possibility of an art apprecianado. One did indeed come in, but he chose the other artist, my monk, to buy from. Two, they bought two from him. I cannot be sad. I cannot be jealous or envious. I am joyed with and for him. As with my daughter. I told her last night….I’m alright if you surpass me….and you just may with this painting. I have evolved enough to not only say that, but to mean it. Fly baby fly! Truly, the art I do is an absolute miracle. I have only been able to draw bad stick figures, my entire life. Even recently. It is only in the extreme recent days, that things have changed. My drawing skills improve daily, without trying and without my knowledge. They just are there waiting for me when I need them. Today I drew a dragonfly. And a rose. Both look like an artist drew them. Stunning turn of play. I think God likes me. He knows my past and has chosen to allow me some joy instead. I’m in awe with it all. Hehe…just saw an ad for a plein air competition. 7:30-1pm……that’s all the painting time you get. Hmmm. I don’t think I could do one that fast. It would depend on the subject. Wish I knew more… Maybe I can know more. I’ll see. Thousand dollar grand prize…that would buy medicines! But really….back to the drawing. Isn’t that amazing? That I would be gifted with a skill so late in life? Two skills….so late in life? Like a going away gift! Thanks for stopping by Planet Earth and before you go…….try out some happiness and joy and talent and skill!!!!! On ME! Yeah buddy…thanks God!!! I’ll show ya what I mean. I’ll show a drawing from a year ago and one done today.

It’s a rainy day here. Summer didn’t feel good so we switched out and I’ll do Sunday stuff tomorrow. Every three seconds the iphone is buzzing from battery charge issues. I like my hair, or I would indeed pull it out. I stopped by Robins house to ask for more info on the dragonfly commission. I’d been thinking about her statement that she originally wanted metal art. I offered her Joyce Hazelrig…a 3D, stuffed critter artist friend…but she wanted to support me, so I looked at the room where it will go and came here to the gallery and drew it out. Yes, I brought a sketchbook to the gallery finally. ERASERs next on the list.

I was just telling a potential customer how long it takes to do these. Just this morning, I was thinking of a few things I wanted to paint and my brain said….when Sheri….you have a list a mile long of things you wanna paint. Inbetween commissions, I get to do them. Like…I have a lot left on My Legacy painting. And dragonflies. I now want to do lots of them! So fun. Anyone want a dragonfly???? I’m gonna experiment with these. If they come out anything like whats in my mind….they will be beautiful. Exciting. So, in the end….nothing overly dramatic for the dragonfly….just brilliant…if I can do it. Brilliant as in…..color. And I think I can. Oh folks……when you open a shop…and you decorate it and supply it with what you think you’ll need…..errors can be made. I had decided that I needed a very low to the ground chair and a tableish thing to go in front of me but only about 5-6 inches higher than the chair. Well….the chair is a real dud. The beans are moving away from my rear and I’m just about on the floor. The table is too big and gangly to drag in front of me anytime I want to paint. It is frustrating cuz there is no money for this type thing. Maybe I need a chair and desk situation. Not sure, but this is horrid. Very uncomfortable. You wouldn’t believe how I have to sit.
A couple loved the Phil painting and asked if they could take a photo and put it on Glen Becks wall, cuz he had Phil on on Friday and they were saying you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Phil stuff….and they were gonna say right…we saw this in a lil shop in Bastrop, Texas!!! Ha!!! Funny. People are so cute. I just adore us all. I adore the animals too. I adore the feeling of love and the taste of cookies. I found a puter file from spring with all the babies jumping and playing and set it to Slideshow. Making me giggle like crazy when I’m supposed to be quiet. I may just have to go down memory lane for ya……IF…….I can figure out how I used to do photos from laptop instead of Iphone. We shall see….if not…the goaties are very wet is my guess. Then again…they do look sooooo pretty when wet…well, the grown does do. The babes not so much. Well, it’s just me and Komal here now. Rain has eased and the town is pretty much rolling up the sidewalks. Headed home soon. Boy do I got the sleepies. My new life only has 5-6 hrs sleep now. I miss my 10 hour days. Later than. I’ll add more if something happens between now and when I post this. Later and at the moment, signing off at 920 Main St, Bastrop, Texas at Noah’s Arts…..that’s to you!!!! Yes…it’s ready! Still a few finishing touches but publishable. Come see!!!! Love you! Haha…..PS…..IN the end…I do have to tote the sketchpad back n forth….so much for bringing one. PSSS…gotta admit my failure. I was very happy for Komal for his first 3 individual sales today….but the last 2….got me. Yes, still happy for him, but can’t stop crying…guess I sprung a leak. Love you









my artists heart….

Dwindling down, faces frown, remember still the glory be’d…unto the one whose liver is frowning too. Hehe…..translated: losing weight, kids sad about that, but people are kind to the one who is sick. I AM….a talented lady who has been through much and has suffered endlessly, so it is ok to feel as if gifts are being given. And I think they are…., well, aside from the obvious. But no……I do believe my talents are growing, my art eye is sharpening and my art intuition eye, inner art eye so to speak is sharpening too. Tonight, the middle owl, the Mama Owl in the painting I’m playing with(as opposed to…working on…work, yukky word), morphed herself into a live own sorta….her face morphed into what it should be, for her. I saw it. Whether or not I can duplicate it remains to be seen. Oh man!!!!! Speaking of duplicate…wrong word, but what the hay, I’m excited. I got that commission! An art piece! An actual actual art piece. This is for hubby’s good friend/mechanic’s wife, who I know too….through them. We went to her birthday party not long ago and I made her a tiny painting of an owlet in a nest. It was so delicate I didn’t bother trying to photo it for you. So here’s the story…..she’s getting a room in the house dedicated to her as an office. Her very own space. She is decorating it like a person does who has a magazine to look at is my guess. Like my mother would. Decked out. Well, anyway, she was planning on a metal sculpture. Then I gave her the tiny painting. So, she’s been thinking of this project for months. It is important to her. And she chose me!!!! How yay is that? So she is really and truly, buying a piece of art for her wall. The colors are salmon and turquoise. I’ll have to find those colors in both wool and mohair. I have a bit of turquoise, but not much salmon I don’t think. Small amount is needed if anyone has any.

I digress! The entire point of that whole huge paragraph…its original intent, was to tell you how excited I AM. I am getting tingles and goosebumps. In fact, I did get goosebumps when we discussed it today. Funny……in the end, there may not be much of either of those colors in the finished product, perhaps hints of the colors. I haven’t worked it out quite yet in my mind. I think I’ve got some. That’s the exciting part. It will require something I’ve never done before. I am popping outta the box for this one. Actually, I might have enough colors after all. Oh my. MY mind has gone art crazy with this. Who knows, no pressure. Ok, better sleep. Still losing weight again. Summer says I look weak and bony. Not eating much food. Did however eat a cookie tonight for the first time in around 4 days and it actually went down ok. Well, sorta…within my ok reason. It was great and maybe I’ll gain a pound. I know I know…wrong kind of pound. But by golly, it’s the pound I wanted! Anyway. Try to sleep before 4! Might….it’s 2:27am = 11 = Master number…lol, a wild card. Night night! Ps….Summer is so cute. She’ll say things like…..Mama, you are gonna fix that left eye aren’t you? You do realize that it’s way bigger than the other, right? Hahaha….! Yes dear.

Very quiet at the gallery today. Working on website stuff. I have a human gripe. I know humble. I am humble in some certain cases as I believe I should be…..but some people take it to the extreme and it doesn’t benefit them. Do we all know one of these lovely people?……… call or text and say, I haven’t heard from you in a few days, how are you, whats going on? They say….oh….my grandson cracked his skull and is in ICU at Childrens Hospital….or well, I’m in the hospital with pneumonia and have been here a few days. Rhonda I love ya honey, but jeeze! Reach out to your friends! We love you! Being humble….doesn’t mean you have to go through the rough stuff alone!!! Why go through it alone when you aren’t alone????? Just sayin. Love you.
Got the taxes straightened out yay oh yay. That was a heavy weight on me. All fixed. Pay $70 for the festival fiasco and done with it. Forgot my lunch, so gonna leave place unattended and run grab a smoothie. Yay, stuff in the belly. Oh ya. About that dragonfly. I get excited…, who knows how out of the box that may end up….didn’t want y’all expecting something wowza when I might now get it there, so…hehe…ya, I know. Be quiet Sheri. A lovely Amish woman just paid me high compliments, how sweet. This is good for me. To hear people say they like my stuff…is really great for my esteem….which as an enlightenment journeyer, is not necessary or wanted…esteem, that is. Ha….but I’m still not there so I enjoy and even need it. Well….about to leave the gallery. Its stormin maybe. Go home and do some more mind designing of that dragonfly. Nope, no storms, just rain…and lots of it…and lightning. I used to love the rain and have written poetry about it and love to dance in it….but now….now it brings death. For others life, but for me, it brings worm death to my goats, not sure how I feel about rain now. Popeye doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it after all. He didn’t come eat today and cried when I pulled in the yard. Tell the universe you need your goat herd down…..careful. Ok….guess I’ll let ya go. Talk to ya soon and thank you for ……everything. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….a soggy one.









…a good day

I really enjoyed my last hour in the gallery. My monk and I had a real nice chat and he gave me a few suggestions. He suggested I stop reading books for awhile and meditate instead. Learn for myself instead of waiting for the thing that happened to that other person, to happen to me. Summer, however, thought I was on FB too much and therefore missed the point but I think she missed the point. He doled out tiny nuggets. Little tiny nuggets of what he understands. He says he is always busy at home because people are always visiting him….from all over the world. I am in good company. He invited us for tea and I believe he said a healing….where I will do what I do, he said. I’ve been patiently waiting and working so hard for the last 14 years on my journey….waiting for a teacher. When the student is ready….the teacher will come. This here student is ready. I have absorbed more understanding in the past week than in the last 2 years.

I’ve been painting half the night….just half. Kinda slow. Got some things accomplished on the triple owl painting that makes me feel I can stop for the night. My Iphone has had charging issues since nearly day one 2 years ago, and I’ve gone through probably 15 or so charging wires. Finally those no longer worked and it had to be a car charger, put into an adapter then plugged in. Till today. It is going in and out of charge every second or 2 and buzzing as it does so and is about to make me scream. My hubby is just gonna have to replace it. He doesn’t wanna upgrade me, although it will only be 4o bucks they said. Either way….I need a new phone. I will definitely need it to take credit cards when the throngs of people come and buy my paintings. Definitely a lesson in tolerance. Worse than hearing water drip.

My appointment on Tuesday is at an unusual place. It does procedures that are needed but not typical, for people who want natural remedies. From what I understand, it’s a rare thing, what I have access to here in Austin, an hour away. I hear I am blessed that there is one here….apparently there are very few in existence. If I want to do the Vit C therapy, I would be able to do it there. Remember, the vit C saved a whole community from whooping cough. For HepC however, it is more effective through IV. But that is not the treatment we chose. Nope. I don’t plan to say, as I’ve already said…so that when I am cured…you will know that some cures worked. We won’t really know which, but none can be ruled out my friends, including the ones some may giggle at. Time to go to sleep now. Buzz buzz of the phone, buzz buzz. It’s a really good thing I have earplugs. Oh……love yourself. It’s a goal…or THE goal. Night night. 2:41am = 7 = Holy.

A great day! Got a commission today!!! Well, apparently hubby had been workin it, but also, she might just have already been thinkin it cuz I gave her a tiny owlet in nest for her birthday. Anyways… it! A dragonfly. She’s describing what she wants and she’s talkin about the long tail and maybe in the shape of the dragonfly itself instead of a square….and I said…so, you want a Dramatic Dragonfly…..yes!!! So, I need a sketch pad for the gallery. All I have is an envelope. BTW, this commission is layaway. I already have one that’s being paid on, but she hasn’t decided what she wants yet. That is something that is always doable for any of you who may want a painting but feel you can’t get one. I’ve had several good visitors that I literally drew into my space. One, a young art student who may have one commissioned soon, and a couple who live in Austin and wanted me to put some in the city. Really good feedback….and interest. He loved the Looking At You deer painting and noticed the difficulty and skill. Hehe, I just used the word skill….when talking about ME!!!! Yay! I AM loving myself! Everyone else is complaining that it’s a dud day but I had 2 good chats and a commission……definitely not a dud.
One of my readers suggested hiring a shearer with the fundraiser money, so I could rest and not so the heavy stuff. Unfortunately, even if I felt it would be ok to use the funds money to do so….there are really no shearers for me. I did however, just see a FB post of a guy in Missouri advertising!!! Maybe hubby will pay for that. He used to. Oh ya….i overheated one of my sets of shearers. Won’t turn on now, so I am down to one!!! Not good. $275 a pop. Dunno. So, my monk just gave me a few suggestions for framing. Amazing what we just don’t think of…just a switch in perspective. He’s willing to sell me supplies cheap if I need them. He showed me I can frame them myself. I can glue them too…..with certain stuff and its not permanent!!!! Oh man, this changes things….and, it doesn’t matter what size my painting is. Which is really great cuz we just zip those scissors along and grab ourselves a piece of black the size we wanna work on and that’s it. Lol. Hippy rainbow artists, at your service. Yup…a good day.
Tonight is Namaste Farms Blogtalk, and I don’t know the topic. Natalie and I were chatting the other day and she asked if I needed any fiber. I said, we always need browns….so…..a little bird told me that a package has arrived! Somehow, the entire summer has come and gone and I didn’t get ANY fiber washing done. Not a single bag, what with this illness. Highly depressing…only cuz there’s yummies just waiting. Well, I’ll be listening in tonight when I get home. Summer has been working hard on a website for us, trying to raise money and I think…..THINK…..she might be close to done. Such a sweetie. Both my kids have been awesome about my illness, and willingness to help in whatever way. GOD, bless THEM. Okie dokie…….signing off from my now hollowed out badly made beanbag chair, which has me nearly on the floor….at the gallery…..Noah’s Arts….at 920 Main St. Bastrop, Tx!!! YeeHaw!!!!