Rainbow trippin….yup

Well….turns out….horse….is just as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe I doomed myself with my thoughts. Ya…I did. It’s coming along, but I haven’t put any darks in yet. I realized right quick that based on the background, I needed to go really small. Yuk. Then, I found myself working the base to death. Very different way to begin a painting…that’s for sure. Summer chose to go a bit bigger. Hehe. Stubborn girl. And she’s doing a fine job at that. We’ve worked on this for hours…and Jesse came and we jammed to music…some of Summers choice…and some of jesse’s making. Someone said I looked really happy in my braids…that’s cuz I actually felt pretty. I like the braids. She says she does it to herself…hmmm…not sure my arms can handle it…remember trying in olden days. Oh my golly…guess what. Little to most…huge to me. It came time for the late night bottle. I told Jesse it was a dream of mine that since I taught both my children how to make a bottle….that they would surprise me once…and without saying a word…making and giving the bottle. What do ya know….it spurred something and Jesse made the bottle and Summer fed the bottle. HA!!!!! I didn’t have to do the late night bottle!!!! WOW WOW WOW. First time. Felt so good. Wow. Yes, I miss the baby…but it still feels good.

Ye know…I don’t talk about em much…but I’ve got some really cool cats. Smooch. Smooch is fairly laid back and likes to curl up in the teeniest tiny ball….to my right….on my bed. She picks the tiniest of spaces to place herself, then goes as small as she can go. She’s a good girl and I trust her. Sneezy….loves to be petted on the head and to lay with mama, but I don’t trust him not to potty where he’s not supposed to. Same with Isa…cept, Isa rarely comes to lay with me. But I don’t trust her. I love her though. Pele…gosh…needy out the wazoo. Paws and claws in your face to say I love you. How far up your body can I get….to show you how much I love you??? Gucchi…..lives outside mostly now but follows and usually on the way back to the house….she will weave in front of Blue…which means he can’t walk right. Liberty…the outside kitty…who now hangs out with the goats…and of course…..my Pretty Kitty…….GYPSY. The first…of these kittys. Others before but deceased. So…Gypsy is the key and first kitty…who now feels like we don’t want her and we want all these other cats. Poor dear. Love my Gyps. Ok….it’s late. 3:26am= 11 = Master Number!!! Night night.

Wow…interesting day. Cathy came over but once again we couldn’t shear. It was misting. Wet fleeces and shearing do NOT mix. The last one…a pinto fleece…was left outside to dry, seemingly out of pup reach…hmmm…nope. One pinto fleece trashed. So…instead…I did what all spiritual and intelligent 52 year old women do with a free day. I did DMT. Heheheheheeee. Yes, it’s a drug. The kind that your body releases to send you into deep REM sleep. It was gifted to me several weeks ago but I wanted to try it while Summer was here so she could watch over me. She’s had lots of experience with the plant medicines…but not the extracted by man kind. I recorded it…I mean how often does an elder lady do such things? You know how I love the groupings of the number 4? I say it’s the angels….well….my video is 44:44 long! They said it would last 5-10 minutes. It wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I had any kind of mind thing….before that…it was all body sensation. I didn’t get a big enough dose to ”break through” as they call it…where you go to another dimension. I did see many faces, animals and rainbows. Like a road. A rainbow road, that was all hills and dips. When my daughter suggested I see whats down the road…I discovered it was connected and became like a rollercoaster….or a ball of yarn…but all connected. Also….when I was seeing the animals….I realized that I could see one….and be seeing another because they were the same….one in front of another like an accordion….but all one…all the same…but which card do you have up front? Like…if you’re looking at a cat….the card you have in front…says you’re looking at and experiencing a cat. But if your mind then says nope…it’s an octopus….then wala…you perceive an octopus. Perception baby…perception. It was interesting. I still feel the effects a tiny bit in my body but nothing horrible. Mostly a heaviness about the head. Ya….I’d like to try it again with a larger dose…to see if I can do it right. The dose available was questionable…sizewise. So…..how odd was that? Well…it can get odder. I’ve also been gifted with some shrooms. One day soon maybe.

Hey Mea!!!! Guess what came in the mail today???? Yup a big old package. Can’t open it yet….waiting till Summer and I are both available to oooh and ahhhh and giggle sufficiently….i mean, it’s a package of fiber! Isn’t that what all people do when they receive a box of fiber in the mail? Squeal with delight and turn it into a party??? Ya….I thought so. Oh ya….hehe…I put the roast in the oven at 3…right before we began….at 5 when I went to do give bottle…I see that I forgot to turn the oven ON!!! Ya. I did that. And ya…..I just did DMT. LOL. While wearing braids!!! Horse. We will finish up horse tonight I hope. Rains are expected. Oh…but all these luscious brown colors still hiding in the box. Hurry up Summer…I wanna see inside the box!!! Ok…well…..guess I’ll let ya know tomorrow what goodies I find inside. Ha……continuing on with this day…into evening. Ha! LOL. Oh ya….Namaste Farms Blogtalk……Star of Shear Madness…the sheep one. Not the hair one. Tonight…9/8c. Join in as Martin Dally shares his knowledge of luscious fibers. Ok…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














braided with prayer…..

Ahhhh. What a night. I was stuck. Didn’t know what to paint. Told Summer we would do Bear together since she was struggling with her bear…like the one I did on tshirt. BUT…bear wasn’t on the agenda. Tried fox. Nope. Lynx. Nope. Bunny, deer, baby birds….nope. IN the end…she worked on her bear and I sketched out a totem painting for Summer. A tryout of what I said I wanted to do. Beautiful. I love it and so does she. A few twitches and flibbits there and I think it’ll work the way we both now envision. Wow. See…movement. I knew she would bring movement. She always does. My little hummingbird. In the end…her drawing has…11 animals and…3 plant species. Ya…the girl has a lot of totems. So do I. Speaking of that. The painting I showed on FB last night as my new logo…sorry…forgot to post it here……is not right. It is a jumble of …me and not me. It needs redone. Wolf is not enough of a totem for me…and the bird looks more like an eagle…where mine is hawk. Other than that…it’s me. It was an experiment…therefore the yarn. Oh boy is it late…..4:37am = 5 = change…well, ya!!!! Night night sweet ones. Oh ya…Mea has predicted Pirouette’s birthing on Friday. A week early according to Angela’s timechart. Mea is good at sensing things so we shall see. Night.

Today we have beautiful weather with a good bit of wind. We don’t shear in the wind…and it’s also a non Cathy day, so…no shearing. This morning, my daughter braided my hair. Not just the braids…but some of her handspun yarn made from one of my goaties…..that she had held during ceremony so it’s been heavily prayed over, and it is now in my hair!!! Even the goaties were curious. I went out for a photo session and had a blast…but NOT as big a blast as yesterday. Not sure why I didn’t tell ya then…full blog, I guess. Anyways….I was out visiting and they were down by the pond. The babies were all up on the steep side of the pond where they were playing and learning to balance. They tried the hardest twists and jumps…while on that extreme angle. It was a massive grouping doing it, so they were falling all over each other. Lots of wipeouts. So dang cute. I did nothing but giggle!!! And Giggle loudly!!! Then I noticed Smurf and Sochi….at first I thought they were playing. Romping up and down the pond side…head butting, jump on mom…head butt….jump on mom. Then I thought oh crap…is he trying to feed and she’s trying to wean him and is he gonna get a broke leg like Khalifa? I kept watching. Nope. No!!! She was well and truly playing with her son and teaching him. Wow. Awesome. As I was leaving, Summer and I passed each other and I told her she was in for a rare treat. She was. Her bit of fun included some of the same…but mostly babies racing round and round the pond. It’s scary but exciting. So far…none have landed in it. …but they go so fast!!!!! They are growing so fast!!! Little horn buds popping up everywhere and tiny bits of mohair growing. Mostly still just babycoat.

Right now, Summer is cleaning my room. I asked her for help with the overwhelmingness…and she has been doing just that since she got here. So my room is in chaos…lol, even more so. Then, tonights plan is to paint a horse, as practice for the unicorn on Summer’s totem painting. I haven’t done horse yet. It’s difficult in my mind and have avoided it…telling myself I’m waiting for the right photo. Well…this photo was found based on the totem sketch. A fairly white horse with some black and gray mottle. But I like it. In the sketch, it will just be the head/torso portion but I may as well do the whole horse while learning. Horse tonight, ya. Hehe…now I’m excited. Of all things….the thing that excites me most…is the wobble bobbles on the legs. Hehe….I’m silly.

Oh my word…my room is indeed chaos. I’m not freaking out yet. I probably should be. Finding things is the real issue. I’m one of those who know just where something is…in the chaos. But when it gets moved…yikes. Hmmm…..bottle time will de-stress me. Ya. And it did….till I broke a bad egg over my meatloaf fixins!!! Hubby…geeze. Honestly….he hadn’t gotten eggs in weeks…then I see a huge pile in the kitchen. I wondered where they went….INTO MY FRIDGE!!! Oh…..if he was a child I would really let him have it. I now reek of rotten egg too. What a strange day. My hair is all braided up….my room is being cleaned….and my room is different, as I am.

My Eggie is doing well. Still no healing has transpired, but in all honesty…with the injury such that it is…it seems that regrowth of something is necessary…that’s all. No ointments or bandages needed…just time. Time, patience and love. I hesitate to free her without the regrowth taking place. I was pondering whether I did the right thing…even though it was so dang obvious that I was supposed to….but I got to thinkin and when I said something to Summer…she had been thinkin that same thing. When Eggie was found…it was 2am and if Eggie was 2 ft down the fenceline in either direction….we wouldn’t have seen her and she’d be dead. We have miles of fenceline. Only one place….where I go through a gate to get to my girls. Right there, Eggie was. Divinely guided. Divinely placed. Divinely found.

Well……with my room strewn about….I’m hoping we do get to paint tonight. We. Hehehe. We paint. She’ll leave soon and it’ll be just me again. Well…hubby is on his way home and I should finish up with dinner. Y’all be good! Hehe.. ..ok….DO good then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!


















butterflies aren’t Always FREE to fly…..

Ok…so I can’t talk about why I’m so excited. What a friggin bummer man. A dream has come to be for me and I can’t even tell you about it…internet nazi’s ye know. So….today we had a cold front. Last night there were bugs aplenty…junebugs galore. Tonight…no bugs. Hubby blamed it on the cold front. I think I’ll go to town tomorrow and see what bugs are available. Just afishin for some goodness, that’s all. Some healthiness, that’s all. Man….the joy abounds in my soul. A dream. A wish. A longtime wish and even a recent wish. Every moment….cherished. Adored. Fulfilled, destiny, of course. Maybe I found a butterfly and I’m helping it to flutter by. Same thing, either way. Joy and life…intertwined. No death here folks…certain of that. Feel it in me bones. Saved and so friggin on purpose its my gift. My gift and I’m not backing down. I am Mama. And Mama says. Mama knows. Mama feels. Mama will do everything in her power and even beyond her power to help this “butter FLY”. Hehe. I named the ‘butterfly”…Eggie.

My life swings and spurts and delivers me to the most unusual, the most unexpected things…even though I thought them into being…most of them…or all…haven’t determined that yet. I feel like a pendulum….swinging back and forth between joy and sorrow. The joy is obvious. The sorrow….creeps from seemingly nowhere. But it must come from somewhere. Everything has its source. It’s beginning. I mean seriously. I can count when things start cuZ it’s me deciding. I could decide to start noticing things only from the moment I stabbed my finger with the felting needle. Forget all else. Everything forward from there. Well….what would life be…without a past? With nothing to reference things by. That’s what childhood and early adulthood are for. The real joy of life….comes when you’re old enough to realize it. Realeyes. Oh say….40 or so. Maybe even 50. I’m approaching 53. I get it. I get it all. I had ceremonial cocao tonight. She’s so sweet. So special. Did you know that cannabis is known as Santa Maria in some cultures??????? Night night sweet lil rose buds. 3:47am = 5 = change. Oh ya…Pirouette has stopped the tremors. I still figure it was baby shifting on a nerve and is now off….but that’s just me…my guess. Night night!!!

Ok! Well…Cathy was a no show, so no shearing today. That’s alright cuz I really needed to locate bugs for Eggie. All three of us went bug hunting last night….nothin. Just too cold. Today I got a small moth, then went to town. No for the bait shop….but Petco had em. Crickets. Put a few in the box and now they are doing tiny chirps…hope Eggie eats em before they learn to chirp louder!!! I figure when it goes silent…Eggie has eaten??? Eggie is not a normal….”butterfly”. No, not at all. Not many butterflies eat crickets, now do they? Yes, this is a very special “butterfly”. And she is…no…I don’t know…just calling it a she. She is doing well. She has been mangled by something, but for being a wild critter, and now in a box…she’s doing quite quite well. She even lets me touch her. Ooooh….I just heard movement in the box. She also figured out how to drink water right away. Why am I not taking the “butterfly” to the experts? Cuz she didn’t go to them…she came to me. Hehe…like in ET…he came to me. She loves to listen to me talk. I can tell. I sang to her last night and she liked that too. Maybe one day I’ll show you what this beauty looks like. Right now though….there’s not much beauty. I see through the injuries. I see beyond. To others…it might be something they would look away from. Not me. I see her in her full glory…regardless. Heal Eggie….Heal. Hmmmm. Chirping has slowed….. If she can eat….she can survive. That’s the issue I’m waiting on. To see if she can eat.

The day has warmed well over what the predictions were. Didn’t need all these clothes on. Not sure that last night got down to the 30’s either. After I fed Flutterbug, Summer and I looked at the moon. Wow…it was orange…never seen it orange, and didn’t expect to. Usually when there’s a sky event…it’s for other people….not seeable here. BUT it was!!! WOW. Beautiful. And… it’s a beautiful day today. When I wasn’t in town…I’ve been hunting bugs. I got a large fish net to use as an insect catcher/butterfly net. Should help things along maybe. Maybe I’m wrong to help….but hmmm….death…or life? I say LIFE…if I can help it!!! And I think I can. Besides…I’d rather Think I CAN than Think I CAN’T.

I’m in a hurry to shear the BigBoys now. Got an interested party and wanna take their winter coats off and make sure all are in good condition before I decide who will go. Need to get on that. Pirouette is still just growing large and walking round with the herd. They do lot of walking. Zeus came to sit in my lap while Flutterbug took the bottle. He’s figured it out….cut off. All the little boys are learning to hump each other now. It’s too funny considering how tiny they all are.

Gonna paint something tonight…don’t know what…but it will be something! I do believe my ITCH is back!!! Come on Eggie…I still hear chirps!!! LOl, of course I couldn’t figure out another way…so I just shook the bag over the box. God knows how many I shook in there! Hehe…she could be full! Well, in that case…breakfast is ready and waiting…if I can stand the chirp! Oh…and how do I know this butterfly eats crickets? I googled it, of course. Now I need a temporary butterfly house…better than a box. And I saw one today but dunno if hubby will buy it. It’s $150…but it would work! Temp…till she’s healed. Then I intend to have her live outside…either with me….or without me…preferably with or visits will suffice I suppose. That will be hard…to let her go. I adore her. I am thanking God each day for this gift. This precious precious gift. I hope you all are reading between the lines and understanding. If you’re confused…I sorry. Don’t want them butterfly people coming for my Eggie. Besides….Eggie was in MY yard. Finders keepers! AND…possession is 9 tenths of the law. Hehe…she’s moving around in there!!!! Yay oh yay!!! Ok….well….guess it’s time to go now. Better go get more photos cuz, well…cuz I need more! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!















…..Art for TWO!!!!!

What if there’s nothing to pass on? What if there’s nothing to teach? What if….What if my daughter is such an extension of me…so connected…that she really needs no instruction. What if….I allow that. What if…I grow and flow with that? I can’t go to the place where…oh God….she’s good, she’s better, she learned too fast, I’m dumb. No…I can’t go there and I haven’t. I used to woulda though. I always knew she had art in her, she flows it in every way imaginable. It’s feeling more like a flower. A blessing. A movement….in the river…in the center of the river…going the with the flow…..and the sun is sparkling on the water causing glints of brightness to blind you for a momentary second…and then you smile at the beauty. My little hummingbird even wants to do a hummingbird. I tell her…Summer…it’s a hard one…I haven’t even gone there yet! But I want to do a hummingbird, she says. Well…..go and grow little flower. Little bird. Little song of mine.

I’ve finished the Bear shirt, finished the new Owl, and began once again another gift that I started but had to put on hold. This is for someone who has recently gotten bad news concerning their animal….so I’ve brought it back to the light…back to my workfoam!!!! As you can see…I’m on a roll. If I can keep it up…I might return to full on painting status…which would mean the world to me. I miss my passion for it. It seeped away….and I miss it. I feel the love…but not the urgency…the intensity….the need….the NEED! BUT…it’s beginning to careen down the canyon towards me….and I am arms wide open. Summer is chock full of ideas….like a little grab bag of them…just dip your hand in and the fishin is FINE!!! But dang…her painting is truly…possibly better than mine, yikes….and wowza!!! Let’s paint the world Baby!!! Softer than soft….love and light.

Totem paintings is on my agenda soon. Commission me if you’re interested in one. Like a collage of your totems. What are your totems? Any animal….either important and prevalent throughout your life…and or….animals dominating your visual senses lately…trying to give you a message. 1,000 dollars. Take it or leave it. This is my offer. I’ll also give you the message. I am now aware that few if any of my readers can afford such a thing and for that, I’m sorry. But it truly does cost that much in time….TIME…and materials. Mostly time. So…consider yourselves my sounding boards, eh???? Bounce ideas off me if you have em…I’d love LOVE it. Commission me….I’d REALLY love that!!! LOL. But you can tell others maybe who you know who might have need of a totem painting, eh? Maybe some rich friends…hahahaha! This is so silly. Artists are so funny.

I’ve cut Zeus off the bottle as of tonight. Me thinks he is getting enough from his mommy now cuz he only takes a tiny bit…but makes such a fuss about it…so…tonight I shouted NO. He turned and walked back to Heaven. He was getting too bossy and familiar. Tonight, Summer came with me for the 2am feeding and Belle’s twins, Rainbow and Moonbaby were in a playful mood. They became very inquisitive and came to romp with us. Very unusal. Summer said it was something up with the moon and Ernie the Peacock just made a call…a single call…which he seems to do on a regular basis these days in what appears to be confirmation of ….thoughts or words. Eerie but ya. Kinda like a HIGH FIVE….you’re onto something!!!

Pirouette is still walking around and laying around. She is huge. Not like Butter Icing, if you’ve been following that. Butter Icing is a goat with two huge basketballs on her sides. HUGE, I tell you! No…this is different. This is all encumbering. The whole goat. The belly, the sides, large….Xtra large. BIG babies or 3…who knows. I’m giving her the molasses water twice a day and the calcium tablet(tums) once. Plenty of food…and she’s on full pasture. Mimi is becoming possessive of her. Mimi, the herdqueen…already has Milly. Now she wants Pirouette. Hehe. We shall see. Pirouette now reminds me of my Donna. Recently deceased. I loved my Donna. Big barrel belly gal and just sweet as could be. Best mommy here ever. Pirouette seems to personify her, and I like that. Hehe…she has a 3rd teat…but who cares…so does Milky and it matters naught. Whoever said it did, I wonder? They are so tiny, a baby couldn’t possibly try or even mistake it. Weird. Ok….night night sweet ones. 3:13am = 7 = HOLY!!!

Welllllll…..it’s a drizzly wet day, which means…..a Painting Day!!! Hehe, the gift for the lady with the sick animal…well…I’m not at all connected and it became a struggle…..SO…..I handed it off to my daughter to complete….seeing as she knows the animal and loves the animal and it’s coming together and looks more like the animal than what I did…so, yay. Zeus has been officially cut off bottle and doesn’t seem to miss it. Really, quite a non day, goatwise. I’m fixing sautéed mushrooms in white sauce for Summer and I…hubby hates it so he’ll fix himself something. This is the meal she has requested and is willing to eat…although it has ingredients she normally wouldn’t touch. Like flour. White flour. Hehehe. One of my favorite meals but I’d just as soon toss in a few bits of turkey too! She’s not eating meat again this trip. I never know.

I’m going to be strong in my art and strong in my belief. I have an inkling that daughter dear is going to far surpass me quickly and I will be able to deal with that. Hehe, I’m telling you and me at the same time. I shall consider it….More of Me. Hehe. I mean really…what else is a person to do? Be joyous…its all I got! Ok…..we’ve just decided to watch the Legend of the Guardians…it’s about OWLS….and I am feelin the need!!! So….off to finish up dinner then watch! Jesse watched a movie with us last night…Saving Grace. Hilarious movie. And…I’m…..outta here. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!

















a sick goat??? Not sure yet…

With children…and any human for that matter…it’s not all peaches and cream. Summer went to Austin saying she’d be back in 4 hours. Well. 7 hours later she came home and now at the 8th hour…she is still in the kitchen doing whatever it is that she does…with her spices and herbs and strange strange food. I am still sitting here…ready to paint…….Waiting. Frustrates the bejeezers outta me. Yup….it’s 11:11 right now. She just waltzed in and said she’s finishing her dinner and is excited. Oi ve. Ok….get your paint on Sheri Lee! Hmmm. We shall see. Guess I’ll push the pause Button on this….oops…no…she’s still eating. PAUSE:::

Well….after finally deciding what to paint…we began. We chose an owl that she liked and we each had our own setups and each did our own painting. It went really slow, so this will take awhile. BUT…it was fun! More tonight, I would hope!!! Ok….on with the day. Well….the previous owner of Pirouette thinks she has toxemia and is dying. SO…..I’m giving her molasses water in a syringe and will be giving her tums when hubby brings some home….I also separated her at feeding time and gave her her own scoop of feed. According to Angela…..with toxemia…the first sign is rapid blinking of the eyes…soon followed by body tremors….then death. She says the babies are draining her of all her sugars and they have to be replaced. Also, that they will act like they are in early labor….which she did act like. I’m still not entirely convinced that’s what is wrong with her or that there is something wrong…but on the chance….I’m treating her as if she does have it. Never had it before….not sure how or why it comes. Another less threatening possibility…is she has a few flies on her back. She was just sheared and is bare skinned…guessing that’s why she is the only goat with flies on her back. Literally, like 3-4……but maybe they’re the biting kind or they just feel funny. Or maybe the babies are pinching a nerve. I dunno. Obviously I don’t want it to be toxemia….we shall see how she does. She’s acting normal. Well….we wormed all the girls today…cept her, and Crystal who I did the other day. Yay…..big relief off my heart. BUT….when we got down there, a fence hole was revealed. Between my land and Cathy’s…there is my fence and her fence…with about a foot between them….well, puppies have obviously dug and I found baby Peaches in that inbetween area. Uggh! In the end….I hollered food to get the herd to move to the house and it worked….out she came and back into the L. We stuck one of those big blue barrels in front of the hole. Hope that works.

At worming….Cathy is always amazed that I know who has been done and who still needs done. She has to look at the purple mouth….me…..I just know. Got em!!! So relieved!!! Using the Cydectin 5cc’s for all, even Crystal and Flower. Babies will get it through mommies milk. Hehe…they might be thinking….jeeze Mom…the milk tastes bad today!!! But hey…it has to be done. They’ve been on grass a week or two now…so many things, like rain…to get in the way. And the rain…to make it even more necessary, cuz the rain brings worms. I know, I know…wonderful topic! But….some who read are just beginners and I try to tell what I know. That’s why I shared about the toxemia…. I’m still very aggravated that Khalifa rammed me. It upsets me. Never ever before!!!! Has a goat rammed me. This buck was not a bottle baby but was overly familiar with humans cuz of the broken leg. I don’t know what to do about him though. I don’t trust him now. I’m still hurting from it. Ya…I’m just upset.

Tonight is Natalie’s Blogtalk Radio…every Thursday….8-10. When she posted the reminder…I had a talk with Summer. So she will cook and eat while Blogtalk is on then we’ll paint at 10 when its over. And…..long story short…I get Pizza tonight! NO cooking! Yay, only had to drive 40 miles for that to happen…but I’ll take it! Hehe….well, that’s gonna take cookin time, so bring me a pizza!!! Pirouette is doing great. Just walkin with the herd…still a bit of digging but not so much up and down. She’s quite large, but on FB…I’ve seen way bigger, so probably just twins….but maybe BIG ones??? My daughter is cleaning…hehe. Yay. She however…wants the cats to go! They already got into her special foods she just bought. She says they’ve taken over the house! True that. 3 more girls need fixed then I can start putting some out.

Well….this is a fairly boring blog today so I’ll end your misery early. Please…..listen in at Blogtalk Radio tonight. 8-10 central time. Chat with us girls while we listen to Natalie and Kimberly and the guest…which is a radio personality tonight. SO…join us!!! That’s it then….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!

















the Last goat…..babies tonight?

Ahhhh…the sunshine just breezed through the door. My Summer Girl is here. I try and fail to explain her. She is more…than I know how to explain. She is more…grander than most humans I know…yet I know not how to explain. I am in awe of her. I made this. I…Sheri….made this child. Oh sure….I had the dads help and Gods help…but she’s ME…only sky high better! Ha. The trip. I drove. I’ve never driven to the airport from Bastrop before…or ever really…been a passenger only….but we were in Bastrop to get a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet seat. Yup…country living folks…..she wanted a toilet for upstairs. Where the old toilet seat is…is anyones guess. We ate at JackBOX…then went to the airport. Turns out…it’s only 20-30 min from Bastrop so we were early by 45 minutes…which turned out…to be 55 min. We literally drove. Round and round. At first me…later Jess. Then we found a place to park on the road that wasn’t really a lane…and we would sit…..then loop. Sit…then loop. Till…a guy pulled up and came towards us and off we drove! Lol. Finally the little hummingbird arrived….just as I pictured her….with a few exceptions. I knew she would be wearing layer upon layer of clothing….just didn’t expect to see bare arms. :+). Also….yes…she did have the worlds largest dufflebag…In fact…it was both in front and behind her….but the lamb. The little stuffed lamb hanging outta the pack up front….at first, I actually thought she had a lamb! So cute. She is so dang cute!

We have issues though. She is more clean oriented…and healthy. I eat old fashioned stuff and don’t clean. Well, rarely. I wasn’t born to clean. I was born to do art and love on goats. She’s also used to spring water. True…spring water….so that’s an issue. The kitchen is an issue….I knew it would be. IT always is. So…lest you think we have a perfect happy life….nah…it’s just like yours…full of flaws and differences and quirks. She says the house is worse than normal…I agree. Need a dumpster for goodness sakes! Hehe…plus she’s overwhelmed with the cats. 7 indoor cats. Need to get the last three girls fixed so I can let some out…2 for sure, cuz they were born and raised outside till they got here. SO ya…..but oh so cute she is. I showed her my paintings and she says….can we look at these everyday??? She also said…I’m your agent and those price tags have to go. She even loved all the ones I think are bad. ALL OF THEM!!! She literally gushed and snuggled with them. She has framing ideas!!! Similar to mine…compatico!!!

When someone tells me my art is good…like Summer just has….or when I post a piece and get rave reviews….it boosts me and I think it’s good. Then…it goes back to normal. Liking a few…hating the rest. I really did like Einstein…the one that got stolen. I like some of the owls…the snow leopard….and the 2 portraits. That’s it. Oh, and Lad…Natalie’s herd dog. I liked that one too. I chose it because of the challenge…..that tongue hanging out…and the movement of “working”. That caused me to go straight from the photo. LITERALLY. The strange hackle look of the neck hairs…and the one eye having no eye….I hated that…..but if I changed it…it wouldn’t work. Oh…the eye might’ve…but the neck…no……….movement. Necessary.

Excitement…..we fixin to PAINT!!! I’m gonna teach her and you know she’s gonna teach me and everything will change…most likely….change is the nature of things. Haha…she hates that I’m using polar fleece to build the paintings on cuz it’s synthetic. But honey….it’s cheap and it works so well! The tshirt material didn’t wanna take the fiber like the polar fleece does. The oven mitts….that by the way…I have not heard one word back about…..or received compensation…..kinda makes me wonder….but anyway…they took the fiber fairly well. But so far…polar fleece it is for me. And on that note my friends….it is…..2:50am = 7 = HOLY. Oh HOLY Night! Love that song. Night night!!!!!

Well…..I’m watching Pirouette. She is having twitches in her body and I thought perhaps might kid today. I fed just now to see what she would do and she ran from feed to feed…trying to get as much in her as possible. I’m thinkin ya…babies tonight or tomorrow. Lots of up and down. Lots of digging the ground. So…it’s a bit of a mystery. So far I don’t think it’s toxemia…it’s the only symptom…the quivers. Am watching her. Summer ran to Austin…lol, she’ll be awhile…to get food from Whole Foods. Told ya…health nut. :=) Love my nut. She’s hoping to witness the birth so I said go now! Shoot…could be another week…but I doubt it. Got a pkg of fiber mailed out…Jesse did it so I could stay and watch Pirouette. Coming up with baby girls names for her. With mommy’s name Pirouette…it will be dance names. Or ballet names. And Flutterbug’s tail is finally up!!! Yay! What a cutie.

Ahhh….it’s Wednesday….I’m supposed to be watching a replay of the last Shear Madness. Nope. Bummer. Guess they’re done with the replays. My question is this…..is the possible/probable Season 2…in the can??? Or do we have to wait till they come and film again. UGGGHHH. That could be awhile man!!! That’s the trouble with tv these days…nothing last very long…then it’s gone and you have to wait forever for the next one. Movies…books…same thing. This saddens me. I want to see Fatface!!! And My Chicken!!! And the new chickens…so gorgeous!!! And the goats and the Teeswater with their curls swingin in the breeze!!! And Roanie!!! So cute. And those girls…lol….schemers to get out of chores….but brilliant. And Connery….ha…so like my Jesse. Not kidding folks….I miss the show. I really miss the show. Oh ya…about that page I started. When it reached 15 likes…I told Natalie. They must’ve been searching her name to find it…cuz I surely didn’t post anything from it. It has been unpublished for now…so no one can find it anymore….hehe, but 3 more found it before I did. And she thinks she doesn’t have enough fans for a fan page. Hehe. Ok….well…I’m gonna get on dinner so I can be done when Summer gets back…..I’m itchin to paint with her!!! Love you guys! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!














Mama’s Eyes…..

I’m a storyteller. I’ve told this story here before but it’s been awhile and there are new folk….and she’s coming!!! By the time you read this…she will be nearly here. Summer…my daughter. So….it was 2007 I think…February. Cold. Friends…the Rainbow Gathering kind….showed up at my house saying they were hippynapping me to the Florida Regionals. They would tie my chair to the top of their rust bucket rv if need be but I was going. Well…they were very strong character beings…one who I miss dearly. Eagle Eye. Anyway….rush rush rush…go go go…you gotta go. So I did!!! Who knew it would be well below freeing in Florida? Not me! I had nothing. Was prepared in no way. All I did have…were a few joints…and a few clothes. Off we went. I’m a fearful car rider. Lots of rain…lots of prayer…blue skies and dry roads…repeat repeat. We arrive. My daughter is supposed to be there. I will be surprising her. Only now I realize…wow…this thing is huge…how will I ever find her? We follow a tiny path in the everglades for a few miles and all along the way…I’m hollering her name. Everyone we pass says…Lovin you! Lovin you too brother! My dog is pulling me, cuz he is terrified. It’s a swamp….deep deep in. A young man approaches us. Hello….I’m on missions to help now…what do you need? I tell him about my daughter. He says….I saw those eyes earlier! I’ll go find them again. What? He saw my daughters eyes in my eyes? And he could find her amongst the 5,000 or more people??? Ok. So…I continue on. Finally arriving at Main Circle. It’s approaching dark and getting chilly. A man offers me his coat. He turned out to be summers campmate. Problems are happening with Bluedog…he’s neutered and all the boy dogs wanna hump him and put him in his place…which terrified me and escalated things. I was getting scared. What have I done??? I’ll never find her with all these people…..when…….there she is!!! He found her! He found my eyes and brought them to me. Her mouth dropped so big. I shall see if I can find the photo. No bets tho. Ya baby…your mom is really at a rainbow gathering…in Florida!!!!! That was the gathering with the fire. A HUGE one. I contributed with a gallon of water and a run 2 miles to get my inhaler for someone in emergency need. Had an asthma attack myself…my lungs literally closed when I arrived at camp after running all that way….for a few moments…nothing. No breath. Scary. But breathe I did…so I ran back and saved that person. They later told me so. I’ve written about the fire too, separately…the bucket brigade…the absolute steadfast courage and strength of these people stunned me to the max. It was a serious fire folks. We were trapped. Admirable, just plain admirable. Ok….so they were lined up from the lake to the fire…literally…to the fire. Two lines……like a pathway. Each person then was handed a hat, a bucket, a pot, a jug, whatever…with water in it from the lake…passed down…all the way to the fire. Then…there was a person running water to pour in the mouths of those people in line…who ran down the middle of that path. Some people were naked in that line…covered in soot. Ya…rainbow people sometimes do that. In the end…the people who hippynapped me…ran out on me…so George and Amasa gave me a ride….ya… I know them too and they showed up at the same gathering! Oh…I forgot to tell you about the hissing! It was the gators! All around us! Around our camp and at night they hissed…spooky…and the temps dropped to the teens and we were frozen hippypops. The call of zuzu’s echos in my mind….ya it’s late and I got the munchies. Zuzu’s are battered and fried candybars or twinkies. MUNCHIES!

But ya…there’s some of that story! Isn’t that awesome? That guy finding my girl? AND…the guy giving me his coat…who was at my camp and I didn’t know it! And he didn’t know it! Ya….cool story. My daughter is so very different probably than anyone you’ve ever met. She’s hard to describe. She wears layers of odd but cool clothes and scarves. She cleanses and fasts and participates in sacred ceremonies. She sings to me…and to others. She is beautiful through and through…and I’m so honored to have her as my daughter. She prays so intently and so thoroughly that you feel so covered for everything…ready for life. She’s a very special soul. Hehe…and she’s mine!!! I get to pass on my art knowledge to her…well, fiber art that is….!!! Speaking of fiber art….I washed the tshirt with the pretty owl. Yup…washed in the machine…then dried in the dryer…with a full load of other clothes,,,,,inside out. Not a stitch came undone….well…cept a teeny portion of the signature…the bottom half of the S. Other than that…perfect! WOWza!!! Who woulda thunk?….hehe…I would!!! Ok…night night…3:32am = 8 = infinity! Hehe…and beyond!!!

Oh…I forgot to tell ya in the story….everything I went without??? People supplied. Gifted me. These are most awesome people, from all walks of life…Dr’s, lawyers, engineers…you name it…come together to be part of a society that rules itself and supplies itself. It’s a grand experience that we just don’t get here in the real world. Fun stuff. Ahhh….it’s a beautiful day but its chilly cuz the wind is raging. I’ve been so overwhelmed with what needed done before Summer arrived…that I’ve done nothing. And now the boy cant get a ride home…so I gotta go get him. UGGGH. What a useless day. Poor Summer…gonna come to a disaster! And it is what it is. If I was meant to clean…by George…it woulda happened! On the other hand…..she won’t be pleased with some things. Jesse was supposed to stay with his friends while she is here….but the friends have been evicted. The bar has been bought….by this rich old man who is buying up all the land here and splitting it up and selling. We all hate what he’s doing. Whats gonna happen with the bar? Who knows. The only local business except Post office, 2 gas stations and a yarnorama.

Oh Lordie Lordie. I just went to drive some feed over to the girls…and I ran over Bubba! He had escaped with the rest of the pups and been out all night and was in extreme pain and state of exhaustion… I guess he didn’t move and I heard a yelp…felt the lump…screamed and screamed…put it in park…got out and all 4 pups came from that spot…they heard his cry and ran there. He is fine…just maybe in even more pain. Poor Baby!!! He’s got hip pain as it is. How to choose from the photos today???? I dunno!!! Later!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….goin to get my baby tonight!!!